Inflamatory Breast Cancer Treatment Causes?


Mar 6, 2016
What would cause inflamatory BC? It affects mainly young woman. How can it be cured? any peat experiencrs?


Nov 18, 2020
I had an idea regarding this the other day. A simple, non-scientific idea, but I don't think it would do any harm to share it. Peat says that orange peel lowers estrogen, that's why he recommends eating marmalade with orange peels in it. So the other day I had sore boobs and I thought, I wonder if I just rubbed some orange essential oil on there if that would lower the estrogen that is making them sore. I used black seed oil as a carrier, which may have been not the best choice because then I stunk to high heck, but that combo did work perfectly well to take away the soreness. The limonene in citrus oils is supposed to fight cancer as well, so I decided if I ever have breast cancer I would continue to use orange oil topically like that. Also, iodine is important for breast health, I take Lugols in my morning coffee, but if I had cancer I would try to use iodine topically as well, adding it to the orange oil would help it be absorbed. Just a thought I had, not a cancer cure or anything.
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