Indoor Heating In Fall & Winter Too Much Too Hot > Poor Health


Sep 5, 2012
Anyone find themselves at odds with laws/standards reguarding indoor heat?
I find indoor heating levels to be too hot. I always go to the back of the busses - so I can flip open the roof hatch for fresh air. The apartments in my high-rise are without thermostats - and it gets unbearable. I'm a problem to the management because of that. I don't use air-conditioning in Summer - fans are fine so I don't think I'm too sensitive.


Sep 30, 2020
I think it’s mostly the quality of the air. Try some sort of air purifier and maybe a humidifier if the heated air is too dry. Even running a small carbon filter with an in-line fan can clean up a big air space. If you can put a HEPA filter in somewhere where your heat gets piped in, that would help too.
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