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Indian Bodybuilding Villagers Doing GOMAD(Gallon Of Milk A Day)

  1. India's Village of Bodybuilding Musclemen

    A POOR farming village has reinvented itself as the bodybuilding capital of India. Almost all of the men in the 3,500 strong town of Asola-Fatehpur Beri workout and 90 per cent are employed as bouncers or security guards in nearby New Delhi. They train from birth but step things up at the age of 14 when they switch to a diet of milk, bananas, eggs and curd - to help put on weight. They can work out up to six hours a day lifting motorbikes, tractors and wrestling to build up their bulging biceps before unwinding with yoga. The village's new muscleman reputation has also made the women happy - as no-one smokes, drinks or take drugs. They earn about £1,500 a year but can make more on private security details where their hand-to-hand combat skills make them a prized assets.
  2. six hours a day lifting? yeah right...
    Also everybody is above 15% bodyfat... thats not fit at all.
  3. They all look great.

    @berk maybe they are not „fit“ in the sense of what men‘s magazine portrays as fit (although some of them are) but they seem very healthy.

    Under 15% body fat is not exactly healthful.
  4. It's a standart indian diet of fruits, rice, legumes, dairy and eggs. These guys are different from majority of Indian population and yep they could be considered strongmen in India. Outside of India I doubt. Also steroids are cheap and freely available there.
  5. Not bad.

    As ovo-lacto vegetarians, they should be orders of magnitude more healthy than vegans.
  6. o_Oo_O
  7. :-o
  8. Healthy body fat levels are in the realm of 10-15% or men and 18-25% for women
    I should mention that there is abundant evidence that body fat patterning is as critical to overall health as total levels. Individuals who carry more of their fat around the midsection (central or android body fat patterns) are at more risk for negative health problems than people who carry it in the lower body (peripheral or gynoid fat patterns). This is at least part of the reason that, on average, men (who typically carry their fat more around the midsection) are at a higher health risk than women (who typically carry it in the lower body).
    - Lyle mcdonald.
  9. Well, I don't know how you measured their bodyfat, other than just eyeballing it.

    Second, there are quite a few studies out there showing higher levels of bodyfat lead to a longer life, and more resistance to disease. Regardless, none of the men shown look fat or overweight, I didn't see any with a gut, and all seem to be quite strong and active.
  10. Many Studies Show Ideal BMI For Older People Is Fat Fat Fat
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I linked to that thread, not because I'm a fat pride activist, but so that berk can scan the arguments there before starting the same discussion here.

    (Not that you asked, but my bodyfat hovers between 13-18% now on a high carb diet and was between 11-12% with intermittent fasting.)
  13. So, you were just eyeballing it. Gotcha.

    It seems like you forgot to take the muscular nature of the villagers into consideration when doing your eyeball judgement.
  14. Better than the justification of being weak, frail and sickly when older though.
  15. They said 2-3 hours workout in total a day.

    Seems different from the standard indian diet. I didn't hear any mention of rice and legumes.
    He said: "3-4 quarts of milk, a dozen bananas, a pound of fruit, 3-4 pounds of curd, bread, almonds"
  16. My former assistant was Punjabi. Possibly one of the strongest men I knew. In high school he was the Texas powerlifting champ and thereafter was an avid Olympic lifter that taught me a good deal of the sport. He was also the person that introduced me to Ray Peat's work.

    He also told me about some of the legacy of where he was from, which included the undefeated international wrestler, the Great Gama. I was a former competitive wrestler and power lifter so I find these older guys interesting.

    They breed them big where he was from. Id say the guys you see in that video would be considered pretty lean. Drinking lots of raw milk is considered a staple of their strong man legacy

    The Great Gama - Wikipedia (In one of the pictures you can see him doing one of the moves they are doing in OPs video)

    Gama's diet included
    1. 10 litres of milk per day mixed with
    2. 1.5 pounds of crushed almond paste
    3. Half litre of ghee
    4. six pounds of butter
    5. three buckets of seasonal fruits
    6. Two desi muttons
    7. Six desi chickens
    8. along with fruit juices
    and other ingredients to promote his digestive system and muscular health.

    ...Bruce Lee was an avid follower of Gama's training routine. Lee read articles about Gama and how he employed his exercises to build his legendary strength for wrestling, and Lee quickly incorporated them into his own routine. The training routines Lee used included "the cat stretch", and "the squat" (known as "baithak", and also known as the "deep-knee bend.").
  17. Watch the video again. There is a pan full of dal fry perhaps dal tadka. Another one is full of rice.
  18. I don't see any rice. Unless the liquid with the chunks they poor into the cups contains rice? Honestly I am not familiar with traditional indian cuisine. But still think it's different because they have a big focus on fruit.
  19. The pan with red liquid most probably dal or could be sabji. With white one is not that clear, I watched again and it's not plain rice as I overlooked first. But it still doesn't look to me as plain curd, I would say it's something called "plain curd rice" because of those chunks.
  20. Most look overweight but with muscles to me.
  21. if you're not doing GOMAD then you're not Peating TBH
  22. I think in traditional Indian thought a six pack is considered a sign of emaciation. Being slightly padded with fat but muscular is considered optimal.

    But the bananas are probably overloading them with way too much serotonin than optimal, and that many almonds will probably greatly increase PUFA stores and slow metabolism
  23. [​IMG]

    Lol, didn’t Peat say he only drinks 3 quarts a day typically
  24. how do you digest all those milk in a day.

    I can only do half liter most of the time ultra-heat treated.

    But depends on the kind of milk, i can do a liter like raw carabaos.

    But more than that its watery stool or having an urge that will explode.
  25. Inability to digest milk is a sign of small intestine issues.
    The more milk you drink, the better your body (and that dreaded "microbiome") will adapt.

    Also I guarantee if these bodybuilders ate less ghee/butter and drank SKIM MILK instead of whole milk, they would have the same muscle mass, but less fat.
  26. @SOMO

    if there is small intestine issues, what is the solution?

    And by the way im still experimenting trial and error. There are brands of UHT milk that my stomach does not like.
  27. Considering the amount of equipment here either their food or their regimen isn't working too well. They seem to be going for reps. If you notice most of the ones who lift the heavier weights are bulkier, probably from less reps, more weight. Without at least some meat they won't reach their full potential.