Increased Mortality After The Introduction Of Diphtheria–Tetanus–Pertussis Vaccine


Jun 20, 2015
Evidence of Increase in Mortality After the Introduction of Diphtheria–Tetanus–Pertussis Vaccine to Children Aged 6–35 Months in Guinea-Bissau: A Time for Reflection?

"Bandim Health Project (BHP) has followed an urban community in the capital of Guinea-Bissau with a demographic surveillance system since December 1978. The national immunization program in Guinea-Bissau started in 1986 with funding from UNICEF. From January 1980, BHP conducted tri-monthly weighing sessions of all children in the community to identify malnourished children. From June 1981, vaccinations were offered in connection with these weighing sessions."

"When the project started in 1978, child mortality was very high. Malnutrition was assumed to be the main cause and a study was, therefore, initiated to determine why children were malnourished (68)."

Eligible for vaccination were children "between 3 months and 3 years of the age. However, some children in this age group were not vaccinated. Both nurses and mothers thought that sick or otherwise weak children should not be vaccinated."

"Although having better nutritional status and being protected against three infections, 6–35 months old DTP-vaccinated children tended to have higher mortality than DTP-unvaccinated children. "

"Although lower mortality was expected for DTP-vaccinated children compared with the frail unvaccinated children, DTP vaccination was associated with higher mortality, particularly in girls."


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Jun 20, 2015
I came across an article in German medscape about a pilot study with the malaria vaccine RTS,S done in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya.

"Under the direction of the World Health Organization (WHO), a cohort study with 720,000 children has been started in three African countries to investigate the safety of vaccination with the innovative malaria vaccine RTS,S. However, the active ingredient is not without problems: there is a 10-fold increase in the rates of meningitis and cerebral malaria, and the all cause mortality of girls has doubled. Ethicists now doubt that parents are sufficiently informed about these conditions due to the setting of the study."

Such "increased mortality as after vaccination with RTS,S has also been documented after other passive vaccinations against hepatitis B, polio and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis as well as measles and yellow fever in girls."

Why is it that girls are hit harder? Any ideas?

Wikipedia said:
The RTS,S vaccine was conceived of and created in the late 1980s by scientists working at SmithKline Beecham Biologicals (now GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines) laboratories in Belgium.[2] The vaccine was further developed through a collaboration between GSK and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research[3] and has been funded in part by the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

RTS,S - Wikipedia


Sep 12, 2015
The world vaccination program is the longest-running, most unethical clinical trial ever performed. It is endless. It has been granted legal immunity from any attack. Its data prove it to be a complete failure.


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Jun 20, 2015
In that malaria pilot study the parents believed that the kids would get a routine vaccination. It was known from the phase 3 trials that RTS,S was problematic, but the parents were not informed at all.


Sep 13, 2012
Nice find!
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