Imminent War With North Korea


Jul 23, 2015
Spokane, Washington
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Kyle M

Mar 20, 2016
James Rickards said the plan was to do something by May I think, based on the State Department's estimate of when NK can have certain missile capabilities. He's kind of an insider/outsider that whistle blows about boring C-SPAN stuff (that I find interesting).


Oct 27, 2013
When you consider the outcome, it would be worse than WWII.
not even close. sure people will die, maybe even more than the total deaths attributed to ww2, but economically & politically it wont even come close. Now if you're talking the outcome that the US can in fact bleed, then yeah maybe the 2 power nations nearby may get inspired and create something worse than ww2.
Nov 26, 2013
Some of those folks can march synchronized, this must mean they would definitely win a third millennium conflict :ss


Jan 6, 2018
Anyone who has ever lived in a communist country will tell you that it’s a bogus facade. That ‘army’ will fold like a lawnchair. Those people are marching like that because they have a sniper aiming at their heads, both literally and figuratively. They are no fighters, just sad, tortured losers who won’t risk their lives to save their tyranical master. Who would? (Besides muslims)

North Korea is no more dangerous than a crazy muslim with a bomb strapped to his chest in a supermarket. Yes he may trigger it even after a head shot, but what else the hell can one do? Wait? For what? Seriously, for what?
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