I'm out


Feb 9, 2013
I got 3 different private messages from Charlie, threatening me to change my ways, or I'll be banned from the board. I'll make it nice and easy for you... I'm finished here. I always know when to walk away from a place or situation where I'm no longer welcome.

Good luck to those of you in your quest for truth. Don't adhere to any dogma. Always trust your instincts and always question things that don't resonate with you.

With that said, I log off for good.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
So are you going to stop posting under the name "Imonaquest" to?

You got 3 different messages because I was trying to figure out the warning system. Feel free to condense that down to one warning. Here is the warning I sent to you:

You are being warned for breaking the following rules. If you continue to do so you will be asked to leave or banned.

■Harassment of other users.
■Abuse or disruption of our services.

The harassment was for calling 4peatssake a "psychopath" and for your "negative rep" attack(which I deleted because it was done in malice) the other night on her.

And now, you just called me a "f**king moron" and negged me.

The Abuse would be using multiple user names to validate your points. You are also posting under the screen name "Imonaquest". I do not mind if someone uses a different screen name for purposes of being embarrassed about a subject and would like to post anonymously. I do mind when someone uses a username to do what you do.

And here is your recent PM to me that shows your intent towards the forum and the people on it:

jaketthomas said:
Can you please forward me a list of the rules, because I have not broken a single rule that I was ever taught. If someone insults you, you insult them back. That's called the "eye for an eye" rule. Very popular rule. One that works extremely well in society.

I forget the idiot's name, but someone was being downright obnoxious towards me. In real life, I would have probably punched the person in the face, but on a bulletin board, I go back at them. That's just how things operate. Sorry you don't see it that way.

I will continue to be myself on the board. If that's a problem, so be it. I will never conform to anyone's rules that don't resonate with my core beliefs.

I am not interested in having someone combative and working on the sly like you around. People have showed themselves to be very dignified around here and more then willing to help each other with good intent. Punching someone in the face because they do not agree with what you said is not the kind of person I want on the forum.


Jan 1, 2013
On this Ray Peat lifestyle, I have full blown panic disorder, unstable blood sugar, unpredictable moods, a bunch of weird aches and pains, gout flare up, and my fitness has gotten way worse.

This was a good experiment, and I'm glad I did it, but this did not work for me. If anything, I'm in a worse state of health than I was before.

Well, well.
That's a classical example of manufacturing consent by creating multiple aliases. And the scope here is to decredibilise Ray.


Well done Charlie.


Mar 17, 2013
Hard to understand why people do this kind of thing. There seems to be no good reason. It's obviously not a case of wanting to have an alias in order to talk about problems he's embarrassed about. There are plenty of people with real problems who could use some help or at least empathy. Fake people and problems only muddy the waters. Maybe Jake could use some help, but of a different kind than can be given on a health forum.