If milk is so good why does it cause keratosis pilaris?


May 16, 2013
i had stopped milk for 3months to see if milk was causing the keratosis pilaris.

after and during this time, it slowly disappeared and i got the odd spot on my legs but most of it was gone.

however i started drinking milk 3 weeks ago and it has come back AGAIN!

i take in 400g lamb liver weekly with weekly oysters for vitamin a and zinc and still no help.

doesn't any one know how to cure this as many other people have had this problem and still have yet to sort it.

i have tried both goat and cow milk and still doesn't help, cheese causes the same problem and quite frankly i enjoy the foods ray peat recommends as its easy but to be honest, i dont know what else to do.


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May 16, 2013
as i said above, i have tried both goats and cows milk.

- homogenised pasturized
- unhomogenised pasturized

raw milk is out of the question, it is way toooo expensive here in the UK.

i get some light acne from cow milk more than goats milk but i dont why but from both still get keratosis pilaris on my legs.

could it be something else causing it?


Feb 20, 2013
Are you drinking whole milk or vitamin added low fat milk? Have you tried UHT milk?
Do you have problem with other source of dairy? Do you problem with all kind of cheese?
Fresh cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, greek yogurt, cottage cheese etc.
Have you tried making home made farmer's cheese with whole milk.
If you can not digest milk properly it will cause gut irritation and any kind of
gut irritation causes health issues. Milk is only great if one can digest it properly.
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