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Feb 4, 2016
Most people go along, throughout their days
Believing their bodies are strong, and their choices hold no sway.
Never once taking serious stock of their health or their habits;
Never, no never, throwing out the junk in their cabinets.

But, yea, there people who ask important questions.
They gather together to share facts and opinions.
Yes, the nexus of Peat holds them in sync
But all are looking for answers Big Pharma can't link.

This group is a collection, smart & astute.
And one of the answer-bearers is named Haidut.
His company, IdeaLabs, provides many of the things essential,
To health and's really monumental.

So we raise a glass to all of you who
Fight an uphill battle to feel better, and be better, too.
We're in this together---
Thanks, IdeaLabs, for making us better.


Aug 14, 2015
Why can't I doodle?
A pretentious piece of stuff from my lunch break ponderings.

To transcend the predictable, the known, and the mundane,
One has to utilize one’s environment through creative manipulation;
This goes against functionalism, a discipline I find -ironically- to be the most unhelpful.

Why is it that I can dance, engage with instruments, and play with words, with a familiarity that takes such a short time to manifest, in each instance cultivating some potent expression through a new medium?
Why do simple rearrangements lead to such poignant messages?

Kant’s preoccupation with this “rearrangement of the manifold” is only half-heartedly understood by introduction of the categories;
For nowhere is the spontaneous evoking of new significance explored.

Furthermore, what is rearranged when I think (as I do now) of a vacuum? How do I cultivate such an obvious container of nothing in my mind?
The concept is unproblematic (if at the expense of intuition and experience), for there is nonetheless some thing in my mind.
Thus, through the disregard of sense-data and the utilization of abstraction I can conjure meaning from absence.

So why am I inhibited when I put pen to paper for the sake of anything other than prose?
Why can’t I find familiarity with the manipulation of shape and pattern?
Why do my hands defy my ideas?


Jan 7, 2016


Jul 5, 2015
Good morning!

I thought of a another product I would like to see from Idealabs. It would be nice to be able to buy bigger bottles of Solban for total body coverage when out swimming. I took it to a pool party this weekend, and I am not burned!!!!!
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