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Idealabs topical pregnenolone

  1. Maybe I am allergic to one of the ingredients I don't know, but this product definitely gives me a rash whenever I apply it. Just a warning to people who might purchase this product.
  2. Do you rub it in? When I first started using Pansterone I would just drop some on and spread it out over an area. It would sting and still feel sticky after hours, but then I started rubbing it in using my wrists. Applying to my wrist or inner elbow and then using the wrist on my opposite arm to rub it in. Also putting no more than 2 drops per spot on my skin, I think makes sure that it is fully absorbed. I rub in until I don't feel any stickiness.

    This works very well. No sting and clear signs of the Preg/DHEA being absorbed and utilized.
  3. Yes I rub it in
  4. How many drops do you do per spot of skin? I find I can only do two or less and still get good absorption and no irritation.
  5. I'm using the alcohol version and it works good. I rub it but not too much because it quickly absorvs. I can notice it acting in half an hour-1 hour. Very good so far. Used it 5 times so far. Much better than the MRM capsules.