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I Used $70 Of Thorne K2 In Two Weeks

  1. I'm using it topically, would this required more than oral use?

    Also, I've noticed my skin has become kind of yellow, which I associate with liver problems (?) and I kind of had this skin tone back when I was "paleo" and eating 1lb+ of beef kidneys liver and heart per day.
  2. way too much copper. Reasonable amount is around 2-4mg per day with 20-30mg of zinc. Only 100g of beef liver has around 29mg!!
  3. Just use it orally. I use 10 mg orally of the Thorne k2 a day no problems at all. I refuse to use fat solubles topically. What a pain in the ass and so expensive. If someone doesn't tolerate it, they need some aspirin or cypro to reduce gut sensitivity.
  4. That was two years ago though, I'm just saying I had that skin tone back then but now havent for a while (until the past week or so)
  5. K2 is known to improve liver health. Maybe it is causing your liver to detox fat and possibly copper excess. I'm not sure if that's how it works, just brainstorming.
  6. Just guessing but K2 is kinda yellow if you used that much it may just be staining your skin. I would assume it would only be in the areas it was applied.
  7. Hmm okay thanks for the replies, I just wanna make sure I'm not hurting myself somehow!

    Could I really have been that deficient in Vitamin K? Or was I probably using more than my body could really use? I was using like 10 drops 5 times a day on my arms
  8. Fred, do you know the words moderation and balance? ;-) 1lb offal a day, enough k2 to turn you yellow... Man, take it easy :roll:
  9. I think Fetch is right. If it was all transdermal than that would mean you would have constantly very high K2 blood levels. Apparently, enough to turn your whole body yellow. I can't imagine any need for that much K2 in your blood at one time, even if you were trying to reverse major calcification of soft tissue. Did you notice any signs of calcification like really smooth skin?

    You've definitely proved Thorne K2 gets absorbed through the skin. Somebody needs to do a study on how much at these high levels. I wonder if your extreme high dose transdermal method would be better for treating osteoporosis? Maybe the dose could be lowered?
  10. I just follow my cravings haha... and for some reason I was craving a shtload of K2 on my arm lol
  11. The Thorne stuff is very yellow...
  12. that's what she said
  13. Was she impressed by your ostentated low serotonin attitude :smug
  14. FredS, was there any balance with E, D, and A? I think that matters.
  15. I'm not on cypro anymore :( though I did notice girls seemed to like me more when I was on it haha

    I take 8 drops of Estroban every day and occasionally take about 400 mg Vitamin E, and I eat a couple bites of liver once or twice a week. Other than that no, should I increase Estroban when using that much K?
  16. I would consider a D deficiency, esp if you don't have lab work about it. It's a very common deficiency and Estroban would not be sufficient to remediate it. I'll try to find the thread I posted some links in. Maybe not tonight, though.
  17. Just got bloodwork and my Vitamin D is very low (18L) - should I supplement high amounts? Or is sun the only real answer?
  18. viewtopic.php?f=87&t=2388&p=54391&hilit=D#p54391

    My post is 11 down. Forum member Suikerbuik has a hard on for Vit D supplementation, including the blood test levels and the Vitamin D council recommendations that RP endorses. I've never understood his point of view and don't agree with him.

    FWIW, VDR means "Vitamin D receptors". There are recent discoveries that our DNA has up to 1,000 VDRs and Vit D activates lots of DNA gene activity. AFAIK, that is what Suikerbuik is talking about; he implies it is a source of disease. I think it is perfectly normal.

    Not sure what "18L" references but the links in my post seem solid for repleting low D. I used the "loading dose" protocol successfully. And I still think it is quite safe for almost anyone.
  19. Okay thanks! 18L is in "deficiency" while 20 - 30 is "insufficient." Above 30 is considered normal according to my blood results

    Also, I'm thinking about this... I'm on high dose Vitamin K and pretty high dose Vitamin E and I'm about to add high dose Vitamin D... at what point should I just take high doses of Estroban haha
  20. High dose Estroban won't do you any good for Vit D.
  21. Sorry to resurrect this 6 months later.

    Curious, why do you associate calcification with smooth skin? I'm not able to find anything about that here, or elsewhere.
  22. It's just my personal observation that magnesium and K2 have that effect. But I think I've read before that calcification of elastin decreases its function.
  23. I wonder would this work well for acne?
  24. Give her the D
  25. I get a yellow and elastic skin after K2 too, at first immediately after taking i get is bad reaction, I think it due to detoxification of the liver, but after half an hour my mood improves, the similar effect i have after Niacin.
  26. I finally found out the cause of yellowing, it's a copper intoxication that I seem to have had from birth to this world. And hence the problems with serotonin, dopamine, histamines, polyamines, depression, infections, hypothyroidism and all others negative things from when I remember myself.
  27. How do you know its that? And how can you fix it?
  28. Lmao