Anti-Peat I Think Young Adults Should Avoid Calf/Beef Liver And Maybe Even Shellfish


Feb 13, 2016
Peat recommends these foods because the high copper content antagonizes iron which is dangerous in excess. But copper lowers sex hormones so strongly that it essentially castrates you, so I think calf/beef liver in particular should be eaten only by children or by older people like Dr. Peat. Eggs and chicken liver might be better for young adults, preventing the "over-purity" that makes you not flow with your environment, unless you have an independent source of income or are a tenured professor with no risk of job loss, etc. (This is not from personal experience, the idea just came to me as I was thinking about the effects of iron, copper on energy, brain, sex hormones).

Iron definitely is bad in excess, but I think calcium is a much more moderate and balanced antagonist to iron, as opposed to copper.

Any experiences with very high copper intakes and how it makes you flow/not flow with your environment?


Jan 11, 2019
I ate beef liver 4 oz everyday for 2 weeks and then reduced it to 2 oz every day, and my libido was off the charts and i felt great.


Nov 1, 2019
after 7 months of carnivore diet and copious amounts of zinc supplements over the course of couple years, I think I should eat shellfish and liver :D


Dec 8, 2016
As a menstrating teen through 40 year old- I look back and put many pieces together of my (very very) ill health- I have recognized liver would have been wonderfully healing and therapeutic for me.

In moderation.


Feb 7, 2017
My toddler eats cod and shrimp weekly and small doses of beef liver. She does great with them. She also drinks a lot of goat milk per day.
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