I Really Need Your Help


Apr 1, 2020
Hi guys, I’ve spent the last couple of years interested in health topics, and I’m starting to understand that my health is far from being optimal and that my metabolism is too slow.

I’m a tall lean and pale guy, I’m 20 years old

Here’s a list of all the problems I’m facing ranked from worst to "best" :

Balding at the temples

Premature Ejaculation

Low energy levels

Allergies (clogged nose)

Sometimes a weird digestion

I would like to cure all those problems through adequate lifestyle changes/supplementation.
I feel like my metabolism is broken and needs to be fixed.

My lifestyle is quite clean for a 20yo college guy,

I fall asleep around 11PM, wake up around 7AM, I don’t smoke, I’m going to the gym 3x week, I barely even drink alcohol, I used to masturbate to porn a lot, discovered nofap a year ago, been on streaks, relapsed a few times. I got rid of grains, PUFAS and dairies. I mostly eat, eggs, smoked salmon, sardines, coconut oil, olive oil, almonds, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, quinoa, all sorts of meat.

I’ve been getting a lot more sunshine recently and it feels really really good.

Someone recommended cyproheptadine and I just ordered some periactine to try it.

Feel free to ask me any questions!


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Apr 1, 2020
Also, I've been seeing a girl recently, she's quite experienced and has a really high sex drive, and I just feel like ***t cuz I'm not able to last more than 2minutes lol, I really don't know what to do, I would appreciate any help

Thank you for your kindness !


Jan 15, 2016
I would maybe try cutting out the fatty fish and quinoa, high and pufa.

I've seen vitamin b6 recommended for the PE issue. Supposedly it's related to high adrenaline serotonin, histamine. There are a few posts about it on the forum if you look it up.
Low Dose Caffeine Effective For Premature Ejaculation

Cypro helps stop shedding, in my experience

Might wanna test temps and pulse to see how your thyroid function is; Ray Peat, PhD on Thyroid, Temperature, Pulse, and TSH – Functional Performance Systems (FPS)

Also, Danny Roddy has a lot of videos and book about addressing hairloss etc. from bioenergetic perspective;
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