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I need get vac to proceed my career, what can i do to avoid "side effects"?


May 28, 2022
in silicon valley with all those liberals with "i love vax" shirts and a soy milk on their side, how can a normal person support
but let's hold on friend

so the airlines like LATAM are demanding this? I need to go on a tourist visa, it seems it only requires a negative test but...
I'm uninformed in this beginning of change, I'm just getting some opinions while I'm not there
Sorry, only saw your reply now. Once the plane arrives, to get out of the airport and step foot into Portugal you only needed a negative test. I just searched again and some sources state that you no longer need anything. (COVID-19 | Measures implemented in Portugal | www.visitportugal.com)

I'm unsure about what you need to present in order to get into the plane at the country of departure though.

I'd say the best option is to contact the airline or the emigration department to be 100% sure

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