I Finally Found A Food That STRENGTHENS Nails! FRESH PLUM JUICE!


Nov 20, 2017
Fresh squeezed plumb juice has thickened my nails. Check out the pics.

If you look at the picture with my finger nails, you'll notice thin vertical ridges running the length of my nail. Even though they seem pronounced now, they were even more pronounced before. The fresh plum juice is having an effect on them and causing the nails to fill out around the ridges increasing the density of the nail overall.

I'll follow up with a pic in a month or so or sooner if my nails thicken up before then.

The rest of the pics are just proof and showing how I juice the plums in my juicer.

Here's my juicer: https://www.amazon.com/Tribest-Slowstar-Vertical-Masticating-Extractor/dp/B0718SWL51?th=1. It is a masitcating juicer--a slow moving juicer that squeezes the juice out rather than a high RPM juicer that can destroy the nutrients inside the juice. A masticating juicer, is one of the best health product buys I've ever made. I use this thing multiple times per day. I make OJ in it, Gerson drinks in it and now fresh plum juice.

Protocol: All I do is eat a handful (2-3) plums per day but I just juice them, then drink them instead of chewing them. Try more if you like, but at least a few (1-2) per day and you should see some benefit. If you don't, then your situation might be different than mine.

Heads up:Sometimes if I drink too much, too late in the day I experience a little bit of insomnia. I'm not sure what that is about, but I just avoid it by drinking the stuff in the morning or in the early afternoon.

Your results may vary.

IMG_20200223_093657.jpg IMG_20200223_093725.jpg IMG_20200223_093744.jpg IMG_20200223_093818.jpg IMG_20200223_093832.jpg IMG_20200223_094015.jpg IMG_20200223_094523.jpg

I used to have such weak, fragile nails and they were distinguished by these fine ridges running up the length of them. People with weak nails will know exactly what I'm talking about. I've tried a ton of things but nothing seemed to work--biotin, changing diet, etc. etc. Couldn't find anything that would even seem like they were making a difference. I've been drinking plumb juice for like 7+ days not even 3 full weeks and immediately I saw a difference in my nails.

I'll provide more pics in the future to show the progress.

Nutritional profile of 3 plums: screencapture-cronometer-2020-02-23-10_09_40.png

Nothing crazy, but it could be something less significant then a vitamin or mineral.

Give it a shot!
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Jul 8, 2014
Nice! Nettles took care of the ridges in my nails, but I love black plums and bet they'd be fantastic juiced. I make and drink at least 4 liters of juice daily — my favorites so far are honeydew melon, canary melon and cotton candy grapes — and I'm always looking for a different fruit to try. Thanks for sharing!


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Nov 20, 2017
Just to put a bow on this.

Follow up pics:

MVIMG_20200322_165132[1].jpg MVIMG_20200322_165224[1].jpg

I haven't been able to follow this protocol very strictly because I just moved and the Wuhan Virus. But generally I've had at least 2 plums per day. Not even a month later and my nails are almost completely smooth and are now very firm.

Highly recommend 10/10.
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