Hyperthyroid, Post-orgasmic Disorder And Slow Methylator


Dec 8, 2019
Hi all, a new member here. I'm diagnosed with Graves hyperthyroidism (was Hashi/hypo once but apparently too much 5-htp, SSRIs and Aswaganda caused me to become hyper). I also have the mysterious POIS (post-orgasmic illness syndrome) and an enlarged prostate (due to high T and DHT). I'm trying to low my elevated testosterone, FT4, DHT, DHEA-S and lower my sex drive. My FT3 is normal though, how can FT4 be elevated? I also have high SHBG and elevated Amylase and afternoon Cortisol leves. Strangely, DHEA-S is also elevated.

I wanted to boost my immune function but trying just one pill of Cat's claw caused me my 10th Serotonin syndrome so far. I am obviously a slow methylator as I can't stand caffeine and have naturally high serotonin. I think I got Candida from antibiotic overuse so used Nystatin and it helped me some of my digestion issues such as the drunken feeling after eating.

Those are the supplements/herbs I'd like to try for my hyperthyroid, high DHT etc. but I don't know if any them elevate serotonin:
Ajuga Reptans, Lycopus, Europaeus, Serenoa Repens, Lithospermum Officinale, Shilajit, Cyproheptadine
Potentilla alba/White cinquefoil, Yellow toadflax, Chickweed

Any experience with some of them? I'm so anxious as I lost my best years to POIS or hyperthyroid issues. I can't take aspirin as I have NSAID-induced ulcers.


Oct 1, 2019
You should test first how your actual thyroid function is:
  • Basal (waking) temperature and pulse.
  • Temperature and pulse 1-2h after food.
  • Achilles tendon relaxation reflex.

An Interview With Dr. Raymond Peat: A Renowned Nutritional Counselor Offers His Thoughts About Thyroid Disease / Thyroid Disease Information Source - Articles/FAQs
"Dr. Ray Peat: Graves' disease and exophthalmos can occur with hypothyroidism or euthyroidism, as well as with hyperthyroidism. Pregnenolone regulates brain chemistry in a way that prevents excessive production of ACTH and cortisol, and it helps to stabilize mitochondrial metabolism. It apparently acts directly on a variety of tissues to reduce their retention of water. In the last several years, all of the people I have seen who had been diagnosed as "hyperthyroid" have actually been hypothyroid, and benefitted from increasing their thyroid function; some of these people had also been told that they had Graves' disease."

TSH, temperature, pulse rate, and other indicators in hypothyroidism
Stereotypes are important. When a very thin person with high blood pressure visits a doctor, hypothyroidism isn't likely to be considered; even high TSH and very low T4 and T3 are likely to be ignored, because of the stereotypes. (And if those tests were in the healthy range, the person would be at risk for the “hyperthyroid” diagnosis.) But remembering some of the common adaptive reactions to a thyroid deficiency, the catabolic effects of high cortisol and the circulatory disturbance caused by high adrenaline should lead to doing some of the appropriate tests, instead of treating the person's hypertension and “under nourished” condition.

Thyroid: Therapies, Confusion, and Fraud
"The idea that the "free hormone" is the active form has been tested in a few situations, and in the case of the thyroid hormone, it is clearly not true for the brain, and some other organs. The protein-bound hormone is, in these cases, the active form; the associations between the "free hormone" and the biological processes and diseases will be completely false, if they are ignoring the active forms of the hormone in favor of the less active forms. The conclusions will be false, as they are when T4 is measured, and T3 ignored. Thyroid-dependent processes will appear to be independent of the level of thyroid hormone; hypothyroidism could be caller hyperthyroidism."
"In the absence of commercial techniques that reflect thyroid physiology realistically, there is no valid alternative to diagnosis based on the known physiological indicators of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The failure to treat sick people because of one or another blood test that indicates "normal thyroid function," or the destruction of patients' healthy thyroid glands because one of the tests indicates hyperthyroidism, isn't acceptable just because it's the professional standard, and is enforced by benighted state licensing boards."
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