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How to treat acquired food allergies linked to upset stomach; Antibiotic flush?


Apr 18, 2018
Post middle aged male in generally excellent health that developed allergies to unknown combinations of foods that lead to significant facial swelling around lips and eyebrows, of all places.

I can't pinpoint the combination of foods. I know it's a combination of foods because I can eat the same things at other separated days and not have reactions to any single food item. I generally eat very Peaty and relatively clean foods, the one exception drinking regular old coke. But every once in a while I'll notice that something is off in my gut, like I may have diarrhea, but not necessarily.

Then within an our of that feeling I notice a tingling in my lips and gums that leads to swelling around my mouth and around my eyebrows. The swelling is like very firm lumps that persist for hours, or days even days in severe cases. I now try to minimize the reaction by downing some Benadryl and/or Zyrtec as soon as I feel the symptoms coming on. But I detest feeling like a zombie the next day from the Benadryl.

I'm wondering if in my older years my gut is harboring some gut microbes that are overreacting to some things I'm eating, and having an overactive immune response that leads to these allergic reactions, and perhaps cleaning out my a course of antibiotics might be in order. Maybe even some activated charcoal for a period of time, combined perhaps with fasting for a period?


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