How To Stabilize Improvements And Optimize Stack-hypothiroid, High Prolactine, All Much Better

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    Aug 5, 2019
    Ive been dealing w hypothyroid (TSH at 4.0) and high prolactine and all related symptomatology that you know well for all of my life. Symptoms are much better now and I take all imaginable supplements, small doses. Was wondering If something is really off or if you could tell me how to synergize better. Goal now is to avoid EVERY day having fluid retention (some days it is really low, sometimes instead it is bad especially in the AM ) and build more bone, especially in the face:

    All products except thyroid, test and DHT are from idealabs
    T3, about 15/20 mcg 5 mcg every hour in the first hrs of the day (from 9 am to 14.00)
    T4, about 50 mcg in the am
    1 or 2 drops of TYROMAX in the am

    1 or 2 drops of androsterone, am pm

    2/3 drops of preg am pm

    2/3 drops of progesterone

    1 drop in the am of 11 keto dht

    1.5 mg of test in the am

    Fingernail size andractim (topical dht) application, probably 1 or 2 g in the AM

    4/5 drops of ESTROBAN (vitamin Adek) on face am and pm
    I spray 3 or 4 times SOLBAN (niacinamide, caffeine and succinic acid) on face in the AM
    Kuinone (Vit k2 mk4), 4 drops am and pm
    androsterone, 2 drops am pm
    memantine, ebixa, 5 mg pill in the morning

    Whenever I take dhea I react badly to it (estrogenic symptomps-puffy face/acne/thin hair). It’s a pity because im doing all of this to re-open extraction spaces (teeth) and it is working, my palate is expanding (I check it regularly with dentist) but my impacted teeth only erupted 50%....

    Please advise!