How To Raise Blood Sugar (Without Lowering Insulin Sensitivity)?


Feb 13, 2016
I have a general outline of what will help to raise blood sugar, but I am sure I am missing several more technical things that RP doesn't focus on (for example, hot showers will lower blood sugar, and birth control residue in shower water/tap water will lower blood sugar, etc.)

What specific nutrients, dietary/lifestyle tips, supplements, toxins, etc. am I missing that would help to raise blood sugar? I don't mind even if they are unhealthy, like taking cold showers, using tobacco, and sleeping less. This is what I have so far:

-Don't use fat as a source of calories, only for taste. PUFA especially powerfully lowers blood sugar.
-Eat growth-promoting protein only as necessary and not as a source of calories (like fat), eat gelatin freely. Eggs are especially bad in this regard but are necessary in moderation for the nutrients.
-Get the majority of calories from carbs. But what is the ideal carb source? Fruit/fruit juice is high in water which lowers blood sugar, starch increases blood sugar rapidly at first but releases a lot more insulin, which lowers blood sugar later. Like starch, salt also raises blood sugar but raises cortisol and worsens phosphate balance. RP seems to suggest the way to balance this out is to use fruit as the source of calories and use salt liberally with protein sources, such as eggs.
-Avoid excess copper

-B-vitamins, Vitamin E (I am guessing)

-Sleep less
-Do not do intense endurance exercise
-Avoid radiation and blue light
-Get sunshine
-Minimize alcohol intake
-Consider using tobacco
-Stay calm (mental stress rapidly depletes blood sugar)
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Oct 4, 2017
you're overthinking it. Eat an abundance of healthy carbs, packed with minerals and vitamins, with or without water in it, according to your body's signals. Increasing sugar where we don't want it (in the extracellular compartment = serum) isn't the way to go.
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