How To Keep Fresh Breath All Day/Longer?

x-ray peat

Dec 8, 2016
not sure what ray thinks on this but I have heard that brushing with baking soda (70%) and salt(30%) is the best way. Also you need to brush all surfaces of the mouth like cheeks and tongue

Ron J

Thread starter
Oct 5, 2016
I'm not sure if baking soda is safe or too harsh. Perhaps I should lower the baking soda and add xylitol.

James IV

Nov 8, 2013
Don't eat stuff that ferments in your mouth.


Jun 2, 2017
I stumbled upon this blotting technique the other day and have tried it about 4 times. I think it's quite good. My gums no longer bleed and any inflammation has been reduced to zero or close to zero. In addition, I do feel that it helps with tongue and mouth hygiene as a whole. What led me to search out gum health was since starting Peating parts of my gums got inflamed and started to bleed. I'm guessing it was all the sugar.

Here is an in-depth video from the creator of the blotting technique, Dr. Phillips. Prepare yourself for some funny/cheesy retro video, graphics, sound, amateur model, etc. I think it's definitely worth mentioning that the "cleaning" technique from Phillips is a bit disgusting, IMHO, and I rinse my brush instead, as I saw mentioned elsewhere. .

Here is a PDF from Dr. Phillips as well. It's dated as well, but I think good info:

You can buy the blotting brushes from the same site that provides the PDF: Shop | Buy Blotting Dental Tooth Brushes | Blotting Brushes.

I'm not associated with the company in any way. The reason I'm providing all this info, is that I stumbled upon them piece by piece, and thought it would be convenient to have them all in one shot, to anyone interested. It took me a while to locate the blotting brushes from a US supplier -- I never realized the provider of the PDF sold the brushes as well. Had I known that, I would've bought from them, because they sell the smaller brush as well, which I couldn't find through searching out other sellers.

FWIW, I tried to used a regular/non-official blotting brush and it did not work as well.


clean your colon and liver and take charcoal and chlorophyll.
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