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How To Improve Aura?

Discussion in 'Ask For Help or Advice' started by Endew57, May 15, 2018.

  1. Endew57

    Endew57 Member

    A strong aura is the only way I could explain some people and how people treat them. No matter what they do, how nice they are, or not nice, or how extroverted or introverted,any behavior, people always love them or like them from when they are children all the way to adulthood. Maybe they're just born like that. Or have strong and attractive energy ? How do I get this? I want to be liked or at least not have a negative aura.
  2. Waynish

    Waynish Member

    Changing how you feel inside. Don't focus on the aura or get sucked into believing that someone or you can see it accurately. Stop trying to control the outcome - if you can control yourself, then you are set.
  3. baccheion

    baccheion Member

    Iodine protocol (ie, progesterone). Vitamin D3 + K2 MK-4 + magnesium. Medicinal MSM lotion on face and body.
  4. I believe the definition of energy is :

    thyroid hormone
    b vitamins
    vitamin k2

    all running through your body

    The "energy blockage" seen in people with bad auras can be removed with LSD, so serotonin clearly plays a role in energy flowing through the body
  5. SOMO

    SOMO Member

    What's the point in improving something others can't see?

    I think if you're meditating to communicate with Source or channel Sirians or some ***t, you're wasting your time.
    But if you're meditating to relieve stress, that's probably a good use of your time.

    I guess like with most spiritual activities, you have to separate the woo from the activity. Otherwise you're just engaged in religious ritual.

    Also is it possible that "Aura" has a lot to do with physical appearance?

    Who do you think is more likely to have a magnetic aura? Left or right?

    Left or right?
  6. Waynish

    Waynish Member

    Teal is a fraud.
  7. OP

    Endew57 Member

    I can see them. I met 4 people in my lifetime where they actually made me think about it in the moment. They had a super saiyan 4 goku aura. You have a point none of them were ugly.
  8. OP

    Endew57 Member

    And a pyschopath.
  9. OP

    Endew57 Member

    Is it any other way to get rid of this " energy blockage" besides LSD?
  10. OP

    Endew57 Member

    Seen and noted
  11. green tea for theanine
    lysine , maybe
    simply increasing thyroid and Progesterone through the body

    Serotonin, depression, and aggression - The problem of brain energy.

    Negative , aggressive behaviour- but also autism and schizophrenia - would be associated with high serotonin.
    The "aura" of those people may be different too
  12. Arrade

    Arrade Member

    It's called "Halo effect" aka they're good looking
  13. Arrade

    Arrade Member

    Also if you're a male increasing test and dht would make you more confident and calm.
  14. OP

    Endew57 Member

    It work's vice versa too. The times I've been called good-looking were also the times I've been told I have a strong aura. And that's what I was working on at the time.
  15. Arrade

    Arrade Member

    I was being kind of facetious, though not untruthful. It definitely has to do with charisma and behavior as well. I think being dominant and calm helps.
    Think Steve jobs, not necessarily a lady killer but considered highly charismatic.
  16. x-ray peat

    x-ray peat Member

    I would agree that its more about internal states, confidence, optimistic, open etc. People probably sense the opposite like how dogs smell fear and run.
  17. Arrade

    Arrade Member

    I noticed when you nervous sweat, your body odor smells different. I kind of believe in pheromones for people, but it isn't something to focus on fixing. It's a downward path from internal states of confidence/fear
  18. lampofred

    lampofred Member

    Dopamine and GABA but especially dopamine aka energy... charm and charisma always comes back to this.
  19. jamies33

    jamies33 Member

    Good aura comes from being healthy & happy, probably mostly happy - emotionally light & bubbly, thinking good thoughts effortlessly and having every day feeling like Christmas morning (as Ray has written should be the standard human experience).

    As far as healthy, standard milk and orange juice, eggs, liver, and sunshine.

    As far as happy - having a strong social network, serving others as much as possible, and spending as much time as possible doing things you enjoy (including work)
  20. Entropy

    Entropy Member

    I'm starting to notice a correlation of anime avatars and lookism theories.

    Anyways, of course good energy production in a elemental sense can give off a good "Aura". Simply having enough energy, being healthy and having little stress to feel good.

    There's a wide arrange of attractive qualities, weather they're sexual qualities or not, and many have nothing to do with how one necessarily looks.

    Obviously someone who is healthy is going to appear more attractive, and have more attractive qualities.

    But if we are using the word "Aura" then we of course have to perceive beyond "looks", because of it's very definition we have to focus on the feeling or intuition we get beyond a visual perception.

    Along with a sole focus on the persons individual field or"Aura", instead of personal opinions or perceptions of someone dependent on how they look like.

    So saying that, it should be more difficult to tell what the actual "Aura" is from a photograph, and you could only assume. "Oh they're good looking they must have it easy".

    Someone who is good looking doesn't mean they have a good aura.

    So In real life experiences I've had instances of being more attracted to girls who are more "normal" looking if they have energy that feels "nicer", has more feminine quality.

    There are plenty of guys I've met who aren't good looking but have great personalities and combination with being social and friendly can have better sex lives than those who are physically attractive and assume sex should come to them.

    There is in fact, attractive qualities beyond the typical chimp mating style observations we like to always compare ourselves to, that is more aligned to higher consciousness, and an energy more subtle but is extremely more powerful.