How to deal with the negative side effects of caffeine ?

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Mar 16, 2021
So I have been searching into caffeine consumptions lately and had some queries that I thought I should share.
Firstly I am not denying the benefits of caffeine consumption, in fact the very reason I am posting this thread is to ask how to add caffeine without facing any of the said side effects .

So here are the concerns I wanted to ask :

1.Why do some people people suffer with withdrawal symptoms for caffeine ?

2.Secondly caffeine affects a host of different chemicals and neurotransmitters in the body such as increase in adrenaline , increase in cortisol , adenosine serotonin and dopamine. So my concern is that will such artificial changes to the brain be adverse in any manner ? Plus it also increases adenosine receptors making you less sleepy .

3. Why some people face an increase in urination and bowel movements ?

4. Anxiety and stress faced some time after caffeine consumption ?

What I think can help aid in reducing these affects :

A. The first basic rule is to have caffeine with a meal. This delays entry of the caffeine into the bloodstream providing a time-release type effect. .

B. Adding sugar or honey and milk, or sugar or honey and cream to the coffee as an additional buffer against low blood sugar.

C. Not to have coffee on an empty stomach or immediately upon waking.

D. I am not sure about this one but I believe L-theanine supplementation can improve those effects. Thoughts ?

E. Cold coffee or caffeine drinks such as Red bull, Coke and Monster might perhaps be less stimulating as compared to hot caffeine beverages (tea, hot coffee etc. ) ?

What I believe is that like any other substance caffeine is dependent on the dosage and how you utilize it. Like a double-edged sword more to say. If you make use of it correctly then it can do wonders. Just wanted more opinions on the matter and anything that you guys think can further aid caffeine consumption.
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