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How To Change Facial Features And Skull Shape

  1. When I was younger (I'm 40), I had a wider nose and face with rounder shape. It seems that the older I get, the longer my face and forehead and narrower my nose become.
    My 5 year old daughter has a longish face shape as well. She is a nervous child. She eats Peat style and I also give her K2/D and magnesium. She used to drink a lot of milk but since I excluded dairy products from my diet, she doesn't want to drink much milk anymore which worries me because the enamel is missing from many of her teeth.
    So is there any way to reverse the longish looking skull to a more optimal one? Thank you.
  2. I think you have a very nice face Rosie, but I've been concerned with similar changes in my own appearance with waning health.
    One thing I've tried is to do some regular chewing, like when sitting in front of the computer, to give the facial, jaw etc muscles a little exercise.
    My gum of choice is this greek tree-sap gum, which hardens after use and can then be re-chewed a few times without it being too disgusting. (in my opinion)

    In the long run I think Ray and others would say general health is the main thing, I think for instance excessive prolactin, serotonin and especially an x-ray exposure
    about 2 years back have negatively influenced my bone situation. Just 2c.
  3. You may want to look into "orthotropics", otherwise called "Mewing". Face shape has to do with breathing, and the resting place of the tongue.

  4. Does she get calcium from any other source?
  5. After puberty (or some age) there's not much you can do about
    bone structure on your body. Only aging and stress can do that (but in a negative way)

    Yes, K2 can make some change on bone structure via calcium metabolism, especially on your face. Vitamin D works synergistically with it. Magnesium also works synergistically with K2/D3.

    Although it's not recommended by Peat Estradiol (E2) makes face more rounded. More feminine look, less jaw defined.

    Maybe you can try Estriol (E3) cream on your face. A weak but beneficial, progesterone like estrogen. I'm not sure it will create a huge difference.

    Some MTF's are also reporting that Progesterone makes face more rounded and feminine. Again I'm not sure about that.

    BTW You have a really nice face. I wouldn't even try to change my face if I were you. You are good.
  6. Thank you so much for your comment. I started to take 2mg K2 MK4 about a week ago and my lower face changed to a more masculine one. The change is so dramatic, I think I reduce my dose. Perhaps you can achieve similar effects with it as using chewing gum?
  7. Thank you @jamies33 I'm very familiar with Dr Mew. At one point I considered a palate expander but it's expensive. I'm not sure I could wait 7 years for a visible change to occur? I pay attention to my tongue and sometimes practise keeping my teeth together.
  8. She eats cheese as well and I give her eggshell powder on those days when I think she didn't have 1000mg of calcium (the RDI for children, age 5).
  9. Thank you, I've heard that the plates on the body's bones close after puberty but not on the ones in the skull. So in this way skull bones are continuously changing?
  10. Yeah it's possible, some people report K2 helping with this. Personally I never saw anything definite.
  11. Thank you for your kind comment, when I take Progesterone, I notice a more squarish change, similar to how K2 changes the structure, but not as much @LCohen
    I will read about the cream you mentioned, thank you!
  12. Oh really, what brand did you use? Mine is from Healthnatura.
  13. Mk4 is the vitamin that activates osteocalcin, increases test and transfers calcium to the bone. I wouldn't use more than 5mg of it or else you risk being out of balance with the fat solubles. And you need Vit A and more importantly vit D (this is where milk would be great).
    IGF-1 is also good for facial growth (in milk).
    You could try a weightlifting routine that would increases test and igf, a lack of these is often what causes long face.

    Mewing, make sure you are breathing through your nose. You could try mindfulness mediatation that prompts you to breathe properly ( I use the headspace app).
    Posture may also have an influence.

    Falic gum chewed with 5mg mk4 and 2000-5000 iu Vit D daily would be a good protocol.

    I'm looking into this myself, other avenues could be head gear, making sure you breath through your nose at night.
  14. Yeah I've used Healthnaturas K2, and Thorne. This was a while back, perhaps I should try K2 again and see if things are different now.
    Interesting that it had effects for you so quickly.
  15. Thank you @Arrade , I use 2mg K2 daily and Thorne D3. I will reduce the K2 to 1mg daily because I think I look more masculine since I'm taking it :link:
    Milk gives me eye bags, that was the reason I stopped dairy products:pensive:
    I sort of do weightlifting through my job when I carry heavy items through the stairs. But that is more exhausting..
  16. Yes, I have high testosterone, I think. On my blood test it was towards the higher normal.
  17. What about Pueraria mirifica, instead of Estriol cream, @LCohen ?
  18. Personally, I think your traits and what you describe happening makes you a more ideal looking human :)

    You sound healthy, maybe only getting healthier. TBH I think people in general, not just men, are overly feminine looking in present times.

    All the women I know who are into intense fitness and are healthy (my wife being one of them) have similar traits to you, and really the more lean someone gets, the longer their face looks. You sound like what most people should be striving for, not discourage of. Your daughter is lucky to have your genetics :)
  19. How to make long face shorter? without surgery using facial muscles?
    I really wish this man still posted, great blog. He mentions things like face pulling, look into this site for anyone concerned.
    You could also look into lookism.com or looksmaxing as an concept to search.

    Don't feel any shame in wanting to improve, it is not based in insecurity like the haters will try to tell you.
    A woman's face that is very short and wide/cheekboned is : Elle ✨ on Instagram: “Had such an exciting 2 days with @sportfxcosmetics in London! We had so much fun shooting, eating and working out! Was also so lovely to…”
    She often keeps her mouth shut or barely open when she exercises as well, I think yoga is a great practice to instill this.
    She's also very high test you can tell from the width and extent of her jaw
  20. Thank you so much @Arrade !!! I'm so happy for the information, you shared! Yes, my life is about 'improving' myself, I was unhealthy as a teen.
  21. Thank you @Jon , and for taking the time to comment, it is really appreciated!!!
  22. LIFT.

    there was an article i read a while that talked about how insulin has an influence on bone growth.

    i've noticed many a pregnant women tend to get a man jaw from all the insulin and it goes back to normal after child birth and some weight loss. my sister had it for a while but after she lost all the baby fat she looked like she was 19 again.

    but lifting weights and then triggering insulin response after will help with bones and muscle but you also need to make sure you eat enough protein for the amino acids, collagen, and sulphur for joints.
  23. Lol, seriously? One week ? Any pics ? I’m trying to be more handsome so it offsets my “nice guy” classification with women
  24. @fradon thank you:) I'm skinny and petite to beging with..
  25. Perhaps the dose was too high for me, I even experienced jaw pain. When I looked up the side effects of K2, that is one of them. Maybe facial exercise would help you.
  26. Which K2 product was that ? I think 1mg isn’t a terribly high dose. This was MK4 version of K2 right ? One milligram of MK7 is quite high
  27. aye a smart person
  28. I don't think 1mg mk4 does anything for me, once I fix my nose so I can breathe proper I may try 5mg mk4 with falic gum to chew
  29. Continue working on nutrition but don't let that substitute for postural change. Nutrition doesn't reverse facial downswing, though it may assist or possibly expedite results gained from improving posture as follows:

    +Keep teeth in gentle, supportive contact. The feeling of this should become your new "normal"
    +Keep tip of tongue on the N-spot (see: make a wide grin and loudly sustain the sound "Nnnnnn")
    +Chew harder foods, and gum (NB: swallowing enzymes produced by chewing, without food, could irritate the gut)

    We can't isolate oral posture from overall posture. So:
    +Keep spine straight & long. When it gets difficult, recline or lie down a few minutes.

    +Keep the back of the tongue up in the palate above the teeth along with the tip. I've found it easier to sustain by not focusing on pushing it up there, but by releasing tensions in the jaw, neck, shoulders, and torso. My tongue seems to float up into its natural resting spot when tension doesn't contort my body.
    +Releasing tension involves manipulating the nervous system's preferred range of motion, which among other things, results in a more upright default posture (thus more optimal development). "Breathing slowly, deeply to relax the body while holding a safe, but potentially stressful pose" seems to be the basis yoga, stretch therapy, etc. Stretching doesn't lengthen muscle, so forcing a stretch may have the opposite of intended effects.
    +Force nothing, as the body tends to work against forces imposed against it. Bone will deposit/grow the wrong way, nervous system will restrict ROM even more, etc. Beauty is, after all, "effortless". Ugliness is contortion of the natural form, brought about by tensions.

    Sufficient misdevelopment could merit intervention:
    +Take studio Pilates classes. Traditional yoga may help if one can't afford Pilates.
    +Look into a tissue-borne, semi-rapid palatal expander
    +Look into emotional foundations of chronic tensions, known generally as Somatics. Alexander Lowen's Bioenergetics is the central resource for this.



    Mew, ClaimingPower, and the various forums have hardly more to offer than this bland advice. Well facially-developed persons did not do anything magical, or even supplement k2 or testosterone. They more or less did the above, while successfully avoiding stressors that would create lasting tension.
  30. The image that would not load above can be found at astroescuela[DOT]com/imagenes/caracteroral[DOT]jpg

    Lastly, I've found that a good cue is to "engage the world" with the eyes and forehead, rather than the mouth, as the baby is doing in the picture from my last post. This cue tilts the head subtly forward and immediately relaxes the insidiously tight muscles at the back of my neck. (remember to keep those teeth in contact!)
  31. at your age its important to start preserving muscle mass which increases longevity.
  32. Healthnatura MK4. But I most probably have high prolactin and insulin resistance which make me very sensitive to testosterone!!
  33. @Nick W. Thank you for your time and efforts, I really appreciate it. I think my posture is good, I did ballet and yoga for a long period. I was very interested in Dr Mew's teachings at one point and practised some of the exercises he recommends. As far as I know, he only performs palatal expansion until the age of 18. Otherwise I would consider the treatment.
  34. Thank you @fradon what would you recommend, resistance training?
  35. Mew only accepts patients under 13 or 14, at that age it's easier to change. My guess is that he's accumulating mass case studies to prove he and his father's method beyond doubt. But in his last Q&A video he recommended the ALF expander for adults that he can not personally treat. ALF is a tooth borne expander (as opposed to tissue borne, do an image search to see the difference) and I've heard that teeth will merely tilt back after treatment ends, though probably less so if one has adopted good passive posture.

    Last point is that the goal of Mewing is not exercise, like in the gym. "Active posture" is worthless, because one can only consciously hold good posture for <1% of the day, which won't change anything. The goal is to changing the unconsious "passive" posture, i.e. how we hold ourselves when we're NOT thinking about it.
  36. yes exercise bands or dumbells are pretty cheap and can be done at home.

    just watch this the DOC KNOWS
  37. You think women are overly feminine looking these days?! And you live in America... :borg::sweatsmile:

    The lengthening of the face is not a male/female thing, but a biomechanical process as @jamies33 described above. The changes take years to happen, but breathing correctly is systemic - so has many advantages. Beauty is just a sign.
  38. Everything we here on this forum identify as negative qualities inevitably tie back to estrogen. America is the most estrogen dominant nation in the world lol our common lifestyle perpetuates estrogen dominance from childhood to adulthood. We eat vegetable oil laiden, iron enriched, whole grain, vegetable based diets. Those of who eat meat/tuber based diets are the ones chowing down on Mcdonalds hamburgers and fries. Men here develop estrogen based cancers like prostate cancer which is wrongfully identified as an issue with dht, women develop feminine cancers in tissues that naturally harbor a high estrogen content. Our milk has a high level of estradiol in its fatty versions and our drinking water vies us with 60% more bpa than sea life get...what else would all that be but an overly feminine society?

    Edit: though this doesn't mean I'm arguing against the biomechanical changes you mentioned You're probably right :thumbright
  39. Thank you for the useful information, I really appreciate it!!
  40. :shy::happy:
  41. I agree on most counts but I think the estrogen concern in milk was negligible.
  42. Interesting about the serum part.
    I believe I was following a thread that discussed this.
    I know one of the arguments was that urine concentration meant nothing because it was just excreted by the body, not having effect.

    I’ve had estrogen in low range while drinking around 16-24 oz of milk daily and not anti-aromatase compounds/supps.

    I’m open minded but you may find the thread that alleviated my concern, I’ll being reading it again for my own benefit
  43. I still drink 24oz of milk a day, just fat free. I'm pretty sure the only concern was for milk with a fat content.

    But to my argument earlier, how many people you know who drink milk (that aren't in the peatosphere) who drink it skim? Everyone I know just b I t c h es about how it tastes lol
  44. I used to drink 1%.
    I drink full milk atm because of the higher calories, fat content, higher Vit D content, and higher offering of IGF-1

    As someone who drinks full milk I was on the lookout for health concerns for milk with fat and from my memory the write ups I read assuaged my fears of estrogen poisoning.
  45. Eh I'm not keen to risk it. The liver has been shown to wick out most of those estrogens but I'd rather not burden it at all lol.
  46. Btw an High IGF-1:IGFBP-3 ratio is predictive of male pattern baldness and also high in Prostate cancer and other types. Milk contains intact IGF-1 so this ratio increases because IGFBP-3 isn't increased. I've talked a lot about IGFBP-3 before, which is what you don't want downregulated to protect against male pattern baldness, it inhibits excessive keratinocytes proliferation which leads to scalp fibrosis. Estrogen, Iron, Endotoxins, Vitamin D deficiency, Ammonia, lack of Magnesium, Arginine, lack of Vitamin A, Zinc deficiency and Arachidonic Acid are known to downregulate it.


    31% more chance of balding with a 1 standard deviation increase of IGF-1 :
    38% less chance of balding with a 1 standard deviation increase in IGFBP-3 (so a lower IGF1:IGFBP-3 ratio)
    And the Estrogen link :
    A "safe" (in relation to mpb) way to increase IGF-1 is to trigger Growth Hormone, which proportionally increases both IGF-1 and IGFBP-3. This is why people with pituitary diseases of excessive growth hormone production are not more likely to go bald like the men with high IGF-1:IGFBP-3 ratios, and they also have prominant brow ridges, facial deformities but usually strong hair.

    Anyway I think if you take care of the things that downregulate IGFBP-3, the IGF-1 in milk is probably not a too big cause of concern. And from your pics, your hormonal state looks pretty good. The Masai usually have very bad hairlines though. Personally I had very high Iron (as I wrote, IGFBP-3/p53 inhibitor) and a few months on high dairy gave me hairline recession back then. I stopped as soon as I noticed and it stopped progressing.
  47. I do remember you discussing Igfbp3, Danny Roddy also discusses IGF in his liver centrality article.
    I recently tested in the normal range of Iron and Vit D, I will look further into igfbp3 myself
  48. @Elephanto calcification and fibrosis are seperate phenomena, right?
    Just decacifying wouldn’t be enough, you’d have to utilize taurine I imagine, thought I don’t really understand if regrowth is a linear or patchy process.
    Iodine is anti-fibrotic and anti estrogen as well, I was reading and it seemed possible Ray Peat was archaic in his views of iodine.
  49. @Elephanto also have you read about aspirin and gelatin/collagen that Danny advises? It seems the glycine in gelatin is anti inflammatory and anti fibrotic.
    I was considering aspirin as well, did you ever use either?
  50. That study I just posted is one of the most important about mpb, which was hard to find again for a while. Once you research everything that downregulates IGFBP-3 and take steps to correct it, it 100% at least stops further progression. It kind of links everything together, Iron promoting Endotoxins while also having IGFBP-3 inhibiting properties on its own. Cortisol promoting Estrogen etc. The BB.come guide also takes care of most of those things except Iron, vit D and Arginine (you can lower protein intake for this, or do high dose Lysine for a while). For instance Arachidonic Acid is Omega 6, and he was resplenishing in O3, sat fats and Vit E to protect against it. O3 is a bad idea if you take the time to read Peat and it's unnecessary when you just minimize O6 but he still was on the right path.

    Calcification and fibrosis are essentially the same. It's an excess of collagen/keratinocytes that calcifies. Basically you can call any decalcifying agent anti-fibrotic but they don't necessarily remove keratinocytes. Maybe only topical Vitamin A may be able to do this. Focusing on IGFBP-3 insures that the excessive production stops. A reason why high Iodine might not damage the thyroid is when people are high in Fluoride which drastically inhibits Iodine uptake by the thyroid gland so they barely absorb any. When corrected with Boron, I think one should be more careful. It's not only Peat, there were many studies showing thyroid damage-induced hypothyroidism from high Iodine intake in one Iodine thread here.

    Yeah Aspirin has two problems in my views. At low and medium doses it only inhibits the COX-2 pathway of Arachidonic Acid, redirecting it toward the also inflammatory Lipoxygenase pathway (LOX metabolites are increased in several Aspirin studies) and Lipoxygenase is actually much more causative in Prostate Cancer than COX-2. Many of my hair strategies are closely linked with Prostate Cancer prevention so it's not something I'm going to risk. It can also cause intestinal permeability (so increasing Endotoxins), it is pretty harsh on the gut. And it's also a crutch that can cause rebound effects. I've not really seen any positive testimonies regarding hair with Aspirin on the internet. Minimizing O6 intake and taking Vit E have pretty much the same effect in a safer and more broadly systemic way.

    Glycine is nice, but I discovered it much after getting most of my regrowth and following the BB.com guide. As it potently increases MTOR and 5-alpha reductase in the 2-6g doses, I prefer to go for lower doses where important benefits happen as low as 500mg.

    edit : About removing keratinocytes, maybe also detumescence/scalp massaging does this since it has achieved 100% regrowth. Then with the BB.com guide, his only topical other than ACV and Nizoral were Boron and Niacinamide, either they do this or the long-term effect of raising back IGFBP-3 levels leads to the disappearance of the excess keratinocytes as they recycle.
  51. @Arrade Since you train, there's also two things you can change to have an influence on IGFBP-3.

    1. Never train up to significant exhaustion (fatigue that lasts after the training, you should feel energized after). Because in soccer players, those that felt fatigued after the game got a decrease in IGFBP-3 levels, and those that didn't feel fatigued got an increase in IGFBP-3. So just training daily within your capacity can help with hair and cancer beyond improved blood/lymph circulation, just as going beyond your capacity slowly kills you and your hair.

    2. Doing cardio before strength training raises IGFBP-3 and Testosterone levels, but not strength before cardio.

    Order Effects Of Combined Strength And Endurance Training On IGFBP3
  52. Thanks for the calcification fibrosis link. I have thicker scalp skin and my tendons are stiffer. Is this a good relating read: link ?
    edit Excuse me. I think yur confused: Aspirin is a COX-1 inhibitor and only at higher dosage .... starts to inhibit COX-2 and PGE2 (600mg)
  53. Low-dose aspirin also inhibits COX-2-induced PGE2 production
    Inhibition of the Biosynthesis of Prostaglandin E2 By Low-Dose Aspirin: Implications for Adenocarcinoma Metastasis

    This is irrelevant to my point though, Arachidonic Acid is still diverted toward Lipoxygenase when any form of COX is inhibited but LOX isn't. There's also studies showing rebound effects once it leaves the system. One benefit of O3 is that it positions itself in membranes to compete with O6 so that Arachidonic Acid is blocked before its conversion into either COX or LOX. O3 is slightly estrogenic and anti-metabolic, but at the same time higher DHA/EPA are correlated with lesser cancer risks for several types. Ideally, if no O6 is consumed it's better to not take any but sometimes I'll have cheat meals so I eat a bit of caviar to compensate. Fish oil is especially bad because it accumulates heavy metals and contaminants from the ocean, caviar being eggs don't have the time to accumulate them.

    Yes your link draws a pretty accurate picture of mpb, I haven't examined it all to see if the applied solutions are optimal but you can check my previous posts for what supps and actions worked for me and others.
  54. @Arrade I will do the same. No more skim milk for me. I've just ordered raw milk again. I anyway need to gain some weight.
  55. You could always resort to resistance training as the Shaolin monks do, hitting it repeatively with sandbags.
  56. Allright.
    Do you have any idea's how to reduce excessive collagen synthesis, maybe?
  57. With K vitamin, how does the vitamin know what women like in a man’s face?
  58. It activates osteocalcin and increases testerone expression in the face by partitioning bone mass appropriately.
  59. Excellent first post on this topic @Nick W. However, I disagree with your ALF description. I have upper and lower ALFs (I'm 35, have had them for 1.5 years). Aside from where they hook onto your first molars, they do not touch your teeth. Have you ever held an ALF? It offers less resistance than a twist tie. Whatever it's doing, it is not moving the teeth by brute mechanical force. It has to be some sort of neurological stimulus.

    After traditional braces and poor maxilla development resulted in my teeth tipped inwards, I actually wish the ALFs would tip them out more! My teeth have shifted into a much broader arch, but I wish they would tip out more within the arch. I went to a "normal" dentist for a cleaning the other day and brought pre-ALF x-rays with me. They insisted on taking new x-rays, and when they compared them, the dentist flat out didn't believe my pre and post x-rays were of the same person.

    I originally got ALFs because of severe airway restriction and TMJ compression/displacement, not to change my looks, and I don't think they have changed my overall facial structure besides my jaw. Mike Mew said that adults need to be expanded at least 1mm per week to generate sufficient force to impact cranial bones outside of the jaw, and ALFs cannot do that. So while I wouldn't suggest ALFs to anyone who wants to widen their overall craniofacial structure, they are life changing for those with compressed airways, and I'm quite sure that they do more than tip teeth. When I get my final CT scan, I will share it here. My ALF dentist thinks my airway has about doubled so far.

    p.s. to add to Nick's first post, I would add that ROLFing is a great way to restore overall posture and shift neurological range of motion. Second to that would be manipulation by a good osteopath.
  60. Yeah and I might be sensitive to androgens hence my hair loss despite of normal levels of androgens on blood test.
  61. Thank you for sharing your experience, @Lecarpetron
    Well to my question, Ray Peat replied the following:
    "The upper jaw can adjust its breadth, and an important factor in its progressive broadening with age is the pressure of the tongue against the palate and upper teeth, during sleep or inactivity. Some therapists say that people with sleep problems can develop a narrowing of the jaw by breathing through the mouth at night. The dry mouth also favors tooth decay. Vitamin D and calcium are important for good sleep; a vitamin D blood level of 60 to 80 ng/ml is said (Stasha Gominak) to be optimal for sleep. I think milk and cheese are the best foods for good tooth development."
  62. But this would assume that we are all genetically meant to be wide faced with chiseled jaws, and the only reason we’re not is because of insufficiently activated osteocalcin and low testosterone. Which can’t be true.
  63. How is that “can’t be true” when the reason we don’t get mk4 is because we artificially feed cows and chicken corn instead of grass/free range?

    The wider your face, the more room for your teeth to sit properly.
    What’s your evidence it “can’t be the case.”

    Regardless, it actually does what we say it does, so to my aesthetic advantage I’ll utilize mk4
  64. +1 the more nutrient dense diet, the better facial development.
  65. Because it ignores the fact that people are of a huge variety of shapes and appearances. And because it implies that being ugly is an automatic result of a nutritional deficiency. Which obviously is not true.

    Changing the shape of an adult man’s skull with a vitamin....come on man. That’s a snake oil science. Show me one piece of evidence this has ever been done, aside from the anecdotal wishful thinking of a few people.
  66. Reducing TGF-Beta (inflammatory cytokine resulting from liver damage and promoting further damage) : Taurine, Zinc, Milk Thistle, Emodin, Olive Oil, Vitamin D, Ginger and Curcumin. Reducing Hypoxia (CO2 protects against it, cardio can help), stress, Serotonin (5-ht2a), il-6, alcohol, cannabis, estrogen, oxidation from smoking, endotoxins which all increase it.

    Reducing Estrogen in general which promotes excessive collagen synthesis. A moderate amount of UV-B radiation, which can lessen many skin conditions by inhibiting keratinocytes proliferation.

    Retinol (Vitamin A) markly reduces fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis.

    Peat says this :
    So basically anything that restores proper glucose metabolism and ATP production and reduces oxidation.
  67. I would add methylene blue which also helps restoring glucose metabolism.
  68. Good point, Methylene Blue is also a potent Nitric Oxide scavenger. Nitric Oxide both increases collagen synthesis and TGF-Beta levels (conflicting studies on TGF, some show promotion and inhibition, but conditions with high NO always correlate with high TGF-Beta). While verifying for this, I also saw that PGE-2 also increases TGF Beta, so minimizing Omega 6 intake is another factor to add (on top of being Estrogenic).

    From the list I posted before; Zinc, Emodin, CO2, reducing endotoxins, alcohol, smoke oxidation, Serotonin/5-ht2 also reduce NO. Probably others too.
  69. @Elephanto @Rosie Excellent, thank you! I will concentrate on Reducing TGF-Beta. I think im good with restoring glucose metabolism.

    I have milk thistle and methylene blue on my wish list. I want to try it after I've traveled back home.

    What I drink is milk with 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder, sweetened with sugar. Actually very nice taste !
  70. Well no one has studied it as far as I know, I imagine there are studies revolving around osteocalcin.
    I don’t think you can disprove it with studies
  71. Height can be altered by nutrition and metabolism.
    The body breaks down and remakes all of its bone over time, just like it replaces its skin.
    Plus K vitamin is the carrier that places calcium where it is supposed to go.
    I don’t really have a aesthetic need to take mk4 I’m just saying the idea looks entirely relies on genetics and not conscious /unconscious genetic and environmental expression is naive
  72. @General Orange I would recommend methylene blue made by MITOLAB
  73. Hello Lecarpetron,

    Holy smokes, congrats on the airway change! Thanks for a description of the ALF, sounds bizarre! I admit I couldn't conceive of expansion as anything other than pushing the teeth or palate apart. Nice that it works, but disappointed it won't tilt (as I also had braces), or open the suture.

    I've heard of Rolfing, if money were not an issue I'd try so many of these bodywork therapies and let everyone know what was the real deal, and what's not worth it. Fascial release is definitely near the top of my list to experiment with next.

    Thanks for sharing Rosie!
  74. What was the result (with ranges)? What about the other hormones? Thyroid? Etc..
  75. Chew and Mew is your only option.

    Masetic gum (falium) in a 5-7 peice wad. Where your teeth don't touch. Evenly chew hard for about one minute or until gum is soft. Take out and set next to your desk repeat. It's high weight(hard gum) low reps.

    Using regular gum and high reps leads to TMJ.

    This will strengthen masesters muscles and create strong closed mouth.


    Place tongue on the roof of mouth focusing on the back third of the tongue. Like your pushing up with your tongue.

    3-5 months, will se better under eye orbitals and pushed foward maxmilla. couple years and there will be real change.

  76. is that save? to use estriol cream on the face?
  77. But how does lifting help with the face. What influence does insulin have on bone growth?
  78. It's a weak estrogen. It will require a long-term usage.
  79. I agree, I am currently traveling through Asia and it’s so easy to see correlation between people’s face width and diet/lifestyle.

    I have never seen a pale person here with a wide face, so a lot of sun exposure is a must.

    The mongolian people by far have the widest faces, they also have crazy amounts of sun exposure (250day/year sunny) basically the sky is blue all the time there. They eat truckloads of meat and dairy aswell.

    I think the weston price people are right with the sun + dairy/meat = wide face.

    Though, there is a major downside to this. The countries with the widest face people I have seen (Mongolians by far nr 1, followed by Taiwanese nr 2), seem to have very very high rates of liver cancer. Also it’s rare to see super lean people, they are all muscular especially in Mongolia but no one is lean. The only lean wide faced people I have seen are in Taiwan in remote areas. They are not muscular though, but very lean/toned. They basically eat very little protein, just enough to have the nutrients for the wide face I suppose.