How Physical Text Layout Affects Reading From Screen


Sep 10, 2014
Not Uganda

Margins definitely have an effect, little attention was given to it. What's behind your monitor can behave as a second margin as well, affecting contrast, etc.
Just like we tilt our head and look on different directions to think or remember, perhaps there's a difference in reading with your head pointing down (tablets, papers) or straight (screens).
I suppose the the height of your eyes in relation to the monitor can alter the perception too, almost a feeling of being immersed if you're too low.
Such would say that when people are scratching their head to think, they are trying to concentrate the energy there. He would also say that you need to have plenty of energy to have good posture to keep your head straight when sitting because life develops from a fetal and contracted position, and as you develop, to an expansive as long as the energy demands are met (Generative Energy cover).
I'm mentioning this because I suppose that an energized landlord can probably adapt to variations better than someone that is not. An app that allows you to customize the text to your liking is probably the best option: some people would need larger texts and narrower paragraphs to be able to follow the information, someone in a better mental condition would probably prefer something that allows more information per area.
Mittir used to force narrower paragraphs on purpose because he thought that they were more comfortable for most people. #visionary
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