How Much Potassium At Once Is Really Safe?


Nov 24, 2017
I got powder and I can’t take small doses often over the day , so how much at once is really safe? When i take it in the morning and evening...

Pablo Cruise

Jan 7, 2018
Not sure why you would ask here, there are many resources on the internet. Unless you have low K+ I wonder why you take this? To answer you, if you are a healthy adult I would not take over Potassium Chloride 10meq or 600mg a day. Other salt forms are not equivalent. Could you get away with more? Yes but you don't need to. Don't take Potassium unless you levels are low is the best answer. It not a vitamin.


Thread starter
Nov 24, 2017
My levels were always ok, but when I started taking it I felt that it relaxes me and my heart beats much smoother.
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