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How much Gelatin for a tangible difference?

Discussion in 'Gelatin' started by Kemby, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Kemby

    Kemby Member

    I have just ordered a few cans of the great lakes Hydrolysate and wondered how muh others take each day to notice a tangible difference in any inflammation they might have.

    I am currently getting over a neck injury sustained from doing pullups a with a low ceiling.

    It says 1 serving is 1 tablespoon.

    I would like to know how many a day (Ball park) I should start with to 1. Help repair the injury as quickly as possible and 2. Increase muscle mass from weight training.

    Also I am about to make my egg shell calcium. How many teaspoons of that a day should I be aiming for for it a come to an amount Peat would consider enough (Ball park again). What do you put it in to eat/drink it?

    I will focus on having the gelatin in my OJ and when I am eating meat. I heard someone saying about 10 tablespoons a day to get 60gm protein. Not sure if that is about right?

    Any input appreciated :)
  2. Kemby

    Kemby Member

    Well, that answers the gelatin question. 100 grams is an upper "Soft limit" it seems so 60 grams (10 tablespoons) should be ok.

    I have noticed you can get Rays recommendations from almost all of his articles in the last few paragraphs.
  3. Steveig84

    Steveig84 Member

    Oj with meat is not your best option due to the increased iron absorbtion from the vit C...

    Coffee with sugar/milk and gelatine is a better option with meat as the caffine reduces the iron uptake...if its later in the day and i dont want coffee i sometime just mix gelatine and sugar with water and maybe some salt or make hot chocolate with milk, sugar, cocoa, gelatine and salt...

    Just a few ideas ;-)
  4. Kemby

    Kemby Member

    Thanks for that, good ideas. Will be sure to employ them.
  5. chris

    chris Member

    Anybody have any ideas how much protein is given in a 1tbsp of gelatin? Also, does anyone know if gelatin is cause for concern for bse (mad cow disease) Thanks,
  6. Nick810

    Nick810 Member

    1tbsp is 6 grams protein IIRC.
  7. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

    The whole BSE thing is a crock of s***. You do not get CJD from eating cows infected with BSE so I would not worry. That is nothing but propaganda (like most 'scares'). It is most likely caused by organophosphate insecticides which were widely used in England just prior to the 'outbreak'.

    A great read on the subject:

  8. boombalada

    boombalada Member

    How much gelatin?

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly a great forum, enjoy reading it and thanks for the great information.

    I don't have great kitchen skills; added to that I am based in Thailand currently and some of the grocery shopping is a challenge with a language barrier but I am getting there. Hence the question which I am sure has a embarrassingly simple answer.

    If I was adding gelatin to an 8oz glass of OJ or milk, and could take it twice a day; how much gelatin would you add - and am I right to add it to a small amount of hot water first, let it cool, then add to the drink? The only brand I can find is Knox Original Gelatine, it comes in 7g sachets, looking like a heaped tablespoonful.

  9. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

    Re: How much gelatin?

    10g of gelatin per serving of meat. Otherwise 7g twice daily would be ok. Mixing like that would work, but we all use Great Lakes hydrolysate with easy mixing. Im sure Great Lakes deliver to you too, mine is sent from USA to Australia.
  10. boombalada

    boombalada Member

    Re: How much gelatin?

    Thanks very much for the response :)

    Unfortunately not having great experiences getting stuff delivered to Thailand. However cannot complain about the abundance of coconut, tropical fruit, meat and the basic organic produce here...which is amazing so lucky on that front.
  11. YrNameHr

    YrNameHr New Member

    Hi there. Was very interested in this post and had a few questions. I already take Cosamin (glucosamine condroitin proprietary formula) to help with the knees and other joints. I'll also occasionally add psyllium husk to food as thickener and digestive aid. Do either of these interact with gelatin? Same question with Maca root. Thanks...
  12. Jenn

    Jenn Member

    Gelatin will enhance the benefits of glucosamine.
    Psyllium husk is not a digestive aid, I would avoid.
    Maca root is just an expensive potato, unless you are growing it yourself, of course. ;)

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