Hot Chocolate All Winter Long


Sep 21, 2019
I have been craving and drinking hot chocolate lately so I thought I would share how I make it.

Been mixing one part cocoa powder to two parts caster sugar and two parts skim milk powder. Add in a couple of pinches of canning salt to the mixture before I seal it up. Then I whisk it into some 2% milk that I heat up in a saucepan on the stove.

I know that I should be using lower fat milk as I'm trying to lose weight but it just tastes so meh to me when I make it that way. I think I'm fine though because I feel totally satisfied after I have it so it displaces other foods in my diet.

Anyone else into hot chocolate?


Oct 12, 2015
I have been drinking it a lot lately too & I find with making it into hot chocolate rather than as chocolate milk the cocoa dissolves better :)


Jan 23, 2013
I make a chocolate syrup with cacao powder, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Works well for chocolate milk and hot chocolate.


Feb 12, 2018
Been drinking it almost every night before and sometimes after my carrot salad's great..I add a few scoops of collagen to the hot chocolate...really have been having amazing sleep and very immersive dreams lately..


Aug 3, 2018
I make it all the time. Try adding a little dash of vanilla.
Sometimes I use a single drop of of essential oil of peppermint, yum. Sometimes I stir in malted milk powder.
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