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  1. Des Esseintes

    Des Esseintes Member

    Jul 15, 2013
    Hello, I really appreciate this site and the community, been lurking for a while, forming my own opinions. I have scoured the meals and attempted to adapt for my sport. I am a 23 year old athlete, male, 6"00 and 73 kg with all visible abs but no knowledge of my bodyfat.

    I have some issues and hope you can assist - I've posted a day beneath.

    Rise; 400 milliliters of water and 1 liter of orange juice.

    7:00 Squats, cleans and jumping (water only)

    9:00 Post meal; 400 ml fruit juice [Orange, grape, melon], 125 g 'cod' (No gelatin or broth because I workout in two more hours so require expedient digestion of foods 'cod' means a peat approved fish, often cod! and I cook without pepper, butter, oil: it's pure fish), 5 dates skinned

    10:50 Water, honey (Often this is discarded with 300 ml Orange juice, some Beet juice known to replace honey often)

    11:10 Track (water only)

    (@1) 1:00 Broth, 'cod' cooked with some cocnut oil, 300 ml juice

    (@2) 4:00 Broth, lamb, blended dates some sugar

    6:30 - 9:00 Dairy, cheese, honey, sugar

    10:00 Coconut oil, honey or sugar milk


    (1) Fruit is hard to find in the Uk and also costs a lot. I buy some oranges and juice them, though use marks and spencers Valencia juice often - unpasteurized, freshly squeezed with no enzymes, not from concentrate and no flavourings. This seems to be my only fruit source, bar melons here and there, or cherries. Will this be a problem in the long run - both the dependence on a single fruit juice and one that is not actually made at the moment of consumption?

    (2) Some of my meals aren't the approved 1:1:1 of protein, fat and sugar. However, this is due to how I feel digestion works and what people tell me - I guess it's only the first two meals that seem odd, the rest seem Peat like - what does everyone think of this?

    (3) (@) means I change the prtein part very often substituting beef, crab, mussels. Some thing like (1@) Mon: cod Tue: prawns Wed: cod Thur: mussels Fri: cod
    and then (@2) Mon: lamb Tue: lamb Wed: chicken )white meat) Thur: steak Fri: steak

    I know some think this is an abundance of animals 0 what are your thougths?

    (4) I am very confused with soluble fibre. I put my juice in a strainer - looking to obtain a cheesecloth - and heard that this is because the pulp feeds bad bacteria. What about dates? These have loads of fiber.

    Segments from an orange with no pith have fiber also - are these good subsititues for actual strained pure juice? are dates to be strained?

    (5) I have all my dairy before bed because I beleive it sits and decreases digestion time of meats. Any thoughts?

    (6) Caloric target is 5300 cals, for ratios of 55 carbs, 30 Fat and 15 Protein. However, it is hard to get 600 g of sugar per day.

    Is it fine to mix sugar with fruit juice after working out, how does this affect absoprtion?

    (7) I eat non-strict though Peat on sat and sun, e.g. have milk with eggs and cheese at lunch as these are not tough training days.

    (8) I don't drink coffee and have 1 slab of chocloate every 10 days. Thoughts?

    (9) I have the salad of carrot on weekends.

    (10) There is not much vegetables. Are peppers, onions and tomtoes fine with meals?

    (11) I have estrogen dominance - nipple become puffy - haven't used steroids once - how can I minimise that?

    Cheers for looking.
  2. Dan Wich

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    Jan 22, 2013
    Welcome to the forum, Des Esseintes. Do you get much salt? I notice you're downing a lot of liquids and don't mention anything with any real sodium.

    On your other questions, I'll answer the two that I have the slightest clue about :D

    It's probably a judgement call, but I think your OJ sounds like a fine "compromise" in your situation. Are there any frozen fruits available to get some variety?

    I don't remember the mechanism, but you might try the carrot salad more often than weekly to fight estrogen (with plenty of other benefits too). I think aspirin is supposed to help as well.
  3. Mittir

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    Feb 20, 2013
    I did not see any Liver. It is very important to have 4-6 oz of liver every week.
    You also have to pay attention to ratio of calcium and phosphorus 1:1. It is very important.
    At least 1200 mg of calcium.
    Intense exercise increases lactic acid and lowers Thyroid hormone.
    Ray Peat really does not recommend this kind of activity.
    Lactic acid is hard on liver and this can lower your liver's ability to detoxify estrogen.
    Soluble fiber in fruits can be a major problem for people who has bad bacteria.
    It is best to avoid soluble fiber. I use t-shirt to strain orange juice, cheese cloth is not enough.
    Daily carrot salad of 1 carrot helps with lowering estrogen and endotoxin, produced by bad bacteria.
    Most important part of this diet is to avoid PUFA.
    There is a good thread on dates . I remember there is a study that showed problem with dates.
  4. j.

    j. Guest

    3 oz of liver per week is probably fine too. RP once mentioned he tries to consume that amount on average.

    I think straining orange juice is necessary only for people with some gut issue, for whom the fiber is bad. Not necessary for everyone.
  5. montmorency

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    Jul 14, 2013
    Oxfordshire, UK

    You should be able to get peaches at the moment. They are quite cheap in my local Waitrose.

    Also cherries (not so cheap).

    Grapes seem to be available most of the year, with varying prices and special offers.
  6. SAFarmer

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    Jul 31, 2013

    I like your posts ! Will be watching keenly your progess as an athlete on the "Peat" diet.

    I think my son is the same as you. Very active tennis player. High estrogen and alo serotonin I think. Higher sugar diet helped him a lot. When I added a Thyroid (T3) supplement recently he started to perform really well ! More endurance, more strength, and also put on some good weight/muscle .

    Severe endurance exercise increase estrogen. Thyroid and salt plus sugar and protein all work together against estrogen.

    Keep us informed !
  7. lindsay

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    Jul 1, 2013
    United States
    Just a few thoughts:

    I would substitute most water you drink for other liquids (milk, OJ or other fruit juice) and add salt to them. Or substitute something like coconut water or a sports drink for your water consumption so that you are replacing the alkaline minerals that get lost during intense training.

    Start drinking some coffee - not only does it have magnesium, but the caffeine helps boost metabolism and may help your performance. Just drink with milk and plenty of sugar (RP recommends fructose).

    One thing you really might want to add to your regime is baking soda - it's been proven to increase performance in athletes and will also help your body with the stress. Also, anything you can do to help your body recover CO2 levels should help with estrogen dominance and the overall "stress". Bag breathing, reduced breathing and baking soda will help with that. Also, more sugar to everything else to increase cellular respiration. I heard RP on an interview lately say that taking a bath with baking soda and epsom salts is also good for recuperation and the baking soda helps the body absorb the magnesium from the epsom salts.

    Good luck!
  8. Mastemah

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    Jul 23, 2012
    I wouldn't do sports drinks at all. Creatine can be helpful. For best results more B bits w creatine ( liver).
  9. HDD

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    Nov 1, 2012

    My youngest son is thin and recently has started lifting and wants to gain weight. His upper body has filled out but he loses weight easily. He doesn't have much of an appetite but eats to try and gain. Did you only add T3 for your son? How is he doing with it?
  10. SAFarmer

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    Jul 31, 2013

    I think the appetite or lack there of is the problem. My son tends to not eat a lot as well and I have to make an effort to get im to eat more. More Sugary things tends to help with that I think.

    I mostly give T3 (about 30 mcg / day ) but add a little 12 mcg T4 as well. Atm it still is working well with his weight steadily gaining, from a low of 37 kg to 47 kg recently after 7 months and the low of his health. His tennis and sport performance has also improved a lot and he is back and better than his old self before his illness started 12 months ago.

    I know the bodybuilders say you can overdo the T3 if you take too much since that can start to be catabolic and break down muscle. But this is above 100 mcg / day and mostly while they are in their dieting phase before competitions, so then they also don't eat too much during that time .

    Hope this helps.
  11. HDD

    HDD Member

    Nov 1, 2012

    Thanks. Glad to hear your son is doing well. My son has hypo symptoms and has gained weight from making himself eat. Going to the gym and lifting motivates him.He consumes a lot of milk which I am glad but not sugar too much. He bought a supplement to help put on weight. I thought he might have a better appetite if he took thyroid along with improving hypo symptoms.
  12. SAFarmer

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    Jul 31, 2013
    Reintroducing Coke and lots of fruit juice like OJ also helped a lot. From our LC nightmare a year ago my kids really seem to enjoy the coke now! Even my other 11 year Type 1 diabetic son seems to do a lot better with endurance and more energy on the tennis court and in the school classroom with more sugar and coke in his diet. I also make an effort to make a lot of jello with extra gelatine and fructose added. They don't mind eating lots of that too. Also ice cream is encouraged a lot and that goes down well too. Still struggle to get them to eat more fruit though. In SA we have dried meat called "biltong and droë wors " wich they also like to eat lots of, expensive but very healthy imo.