Hold The Salmon. Omega 3s Linked To Higher Risk Of Cancer


Feb 20, 2013
Re: Hold the Salmon. Omega 3s Linked to Higher Risk of Canc

Ray Peat has always been ahead of his time. In health blog circle, Ray Peat was the only one saying things against
fish oil. I used fish oil for few years and i noticed good improvement with inflammation. There were so many studies favoring fish oil that it was a major obstacle for me to take RP seriously in the beginning.


Nov 30, 2012
Re: Hold the Salmon. Omega 3s Linked to Higher Risk of Canc

These reports about fish oil and prostrate cancer started in 2011 but apparently have not yet caught on with the public. People continue to argue that we "need" omega-3s for good health.


Nov 9, 2012
Re: Hold the Salmon. Omega 3s Linked to Higher Risk of Canc

See comments below the article: ironically, the n-3 misconceptions are so ingrained that some posters think the study was pushed by big pharma because n-3 works and reduces the need for pharma drugs.


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Jun 12, 2013
Re: Hold the Salmon. Omega 3s Linked to Higher Risk of Canc

I bought into the fish oil craze over the years, but I didn't take it continuously. The reason was, I never saw any improvement in anything when taking it. So I'd quit, but then later on I'd read again about how wonderful it was and think I should be taking it again.

As many things as I used to take/eat or avoid because of "expert" health advice, I should have been a specimen of health. Instead, things were getting worse -especially over the last 2 or 3 years. Finding RP was such a complete change from everything I was used to hearing, that I decided to just go for it. I knew I couldn't end up any worse. I just hope I was in time to prevent any problems from all the years I was following that "other" advice.


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Jun 12, 2013
Re: Hold the Salmon. Omega 3s Linked to Higher Risk of Canc

Oh, and for a few months I ate fatty fish almost daily. I was trying to follow Dr. Perricone's diet. At first, I thought it was helping, but I think it was just the extra protein I was getting. I ended up not looking or feeling any better at all - in fact, I think things were deteriorating.

I'm glad I don't have to eat salmon or sardines again.


Feb 2, 2016
Former BBC Breakfast host Sian Williams has revealed for the first time that she has had a double mastectomy after a fight with breast cancer.

Speaking publicly about her shock diagnosis, the 51-year-old said reconstruction after her surgery had taken longer than she expected.

Despite a family history of cancer, the mother-of-four said she and her husband Paul Woolwich never expected she would get it herself because she ‘did all the right things’ to minimise the risk.

In a candid interview with Woman & Home magazine to publicise her new book, Rise: Surviving And Thriving After Trauma, she said: ‘The week after my 50th birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I thought I was healthy. I did all the right things – I was a green tea drinker, a salmon eater, a runner.


Mar 15, 2016
The article tends to backpedal on the overall message: "It's not that omega-3s are harmful, but that the fatty acids may have more complex effects on the body than previously thought."
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