High vitamin D levels essential for tolerating T3??


Jul 13, 2014
In this Danny Roddy podcast with Haidut, he says at 1:50:00 in, the following:

"vitamin D apparently is one of the key factors in allowing t3 to activate the thyroid receptor and basically cause many of these genomic effects, the transcription effects, that are relevant and expected to happen in a person with normal thyroid function. So if your vitamin D is low sometimes you know even taking very high amounts of t3 will not help because the body will quickly deactivate the t3 into T2 or even T1, if the vitamin D is insufficient. So somehow vitamin D and t3 have a very symbiotic relationship and if you know vitamin D is low, i think like almost everybody that tests, like 80 percent of the population is vitamin D deficient in Western countries, sometimes people don't get the benefit of even thyroid supplementation if their vitamin D levels are sub optimal or free fatty acids are high. So the functional hypothyroidism I would define as anything that basically if you do the three measurements pulse, temperature and Achilles tendon reflex. If even one of these is not working, it's not giving you the results that you want to see, that means either not enough t3 is being produced by the liver, probably because the liver is burdened with with excess estrogen and or something is interfering with the function of the thyroid hormone peripherally and that in most cases is either estrogen and/or low vitamin D."

My question is, if I've noticed t3 is causing weight gain, instead of weight loss, could it be the case that my vitamin D is low??

View: https://youtu.be/tOvTJ-q9HAk
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