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High Maintenance Of Beef

  1. It is so strange to think that I have come to the point a year after quitting paleo that I just can't find many good reasons to eat beef anymore. Every now and then I crave it, but it always feels like i narrowly escape its negative effects, mostly not. I think that eggs would be the same, except that I drink a lot of OJ with those to counteract the amino acids lowering blood sugar. I don't want to eat vitamin-C fruits with beef because of the iron absorption but I do crave a lot of sugar with beef. So I usually drink a Coke or sweetened coffee or sweetened milk with it. But I still can't manage to eat beef and feel energized afterwards. Does anyone else have these issues? I stay with beef because its amino acid profile seems the most complex of any meat, but maybe I'm wrong. If I can get those amino acids elsewhere I think i may be happy to say bye to beef.
  2. I've been eating it less lately too. I'm tending to eat more shrimp. I always have to worry about having coffee and gelatin along with plenty of sugar so it seems pretty complicated at times and just not worth the effort.
  3. I only eat beef when I eat out, and that's like once a month. And lately I've been eating seafood or mostly carbohydrate when eating out anyway, so I basically don't eat any meat anymore.
  4. I'm pretty much the opposite at the moment. I need to eat beef or lamb pretty much every day, or my hunger goes through the roof. It's weird. I just run with it. I'd prefer not to eat muscle meat every day but the body wants what the body wants.
  5. I never felt good eating beef. The effect is similar but milder with chicken and fish.
    RP recommends eating gelatin with muscle meat.
    He also mentioned that high phosphorus content of muscle meat is the main problem.
    supplementing extra calcium ( egg shell powder, oyster shell powder, slaked lime neutralize in OJ or
    other acidic juice
    ) with muscle meat makes a big difference.
    High heme iron content of beef is also a problem.
    Muscle meat of fish and chicken has much lower heme iron. Coffee does not block
    heme iron content, only the non-heme part.
  6. I do better on lamb's fatty cut.
    With my crohn's I always had gut's problem with excess fat of any kind ( except olive oil),though.
    So, don't know exactly why but my body seems to react positively to it.
    Same with cheese, I do a lot better on sheep's one, even if it's full-fat.
    I digest foods from those animals perfectly.
  7. Mittir - maybe that explains why I crave milk when I eat beef.....
  8. other than its amino profile which needs to be balances with gelatin , it also is very high in carnitine.and carnitine is not a good nutrient ,at least if you want rely on carbs as energy source.
  9. Or maybe your metabolism's going through the roof when you skip the meat, ever thought of that :ss2
  10. I eat muscle meat almost every day, dairy and eggs **** me up.
  11. Interesting observation (not sure if you are not joking, though). I'm also starving when I don't have meat. I can easily eat 4 000 cal of starch with fat and still be hungry.
  12. No I'm not joking, I merely saw the "or I'm always hungry" argument used too many times...
  13. Very interesting indeed.
  14. I eat beef about twice a week at the moment. I'd eat it every day if I could.

    I wonder if the people who eat more beef need to grow in some respect.
  15. Maybe, probably not though. Can't quite remember what crazy eating regime I was undertaking in 2014.
  16. Such why would the metabolism go through the roof if you skip meat ???
  17. Well I think maybe the tryptophan and iron and phosphorous and unbalanced protein are keeping the metabolism down when you do eat it...
  18. Oh ok Such. Could be. So "satiation" in this case is lowering of metabolism. Hard to distinguish a higher metabolism from a stress reaction because of lack of carbs.
  19. But how would meat prevent lack of carbs :?: Also I think many people associate gastric distension with satiety. So they absolutely need one large meal. Don't know how healthy that is.
  20. Never thought about that. It can be. Satiation is complex. There's many physiological and psychological factors.

    I was thinking... For example I might not be very hungry. Like I could delay the next meal an hour or so, but I decide to eat immediately for convenience. Then I suddenly become very hungry like I have to have a large meal. But I could have waited an hour for it before being hungry. I don't know if I made myself clear.
  21. But if you eat immediately why do you become very hungry?
  22. I feel as though a lot of the time my craving for meat is usually just a craving for salt. :beaver:
  23. Such, it's hard to explain. Imagine its 13.00. I'm not hungry and I could wait until 14.00 to eat. But I decide to eat at 13.00 because at 14.00 I have a meeting. I start to have lunch, and then what happens is that if I don't eat a full satisfying meal, I am very hungry afterwards. Imagine I finish the lunch at 13.30. If it's not a big lunch I become very hungry. If I did not start to eat I wouldn't be hungry until 14pm. Do you know what I mean ? :):
  24. Its probably a bit of stress that keeps you "not hungry". Eat a little bit and your stress drops to show you just how hungry you are. So... eat more often if you can.
  25. Jeez. Would it kill ya to try a bit more salt, meat or no meat?
  26. I know, I just always forget about salt. Everything I eat during the day has no salt in it (fruit and latte's) so by the end of the day I am ravenous for salty things. On cronometer sodium is like the only thing I am low in usually, even with cheese. I used to put it in my coffee but I've been using instant lately and salt tastes really bad in it for whatever reason.:panda:
  27. Hmmm... Good hypothesis but I'm not sure it applies in my case. I get very hungry when I'm stressed.
  28. Food is one way to relieve stress. Ever heard of ice cream binges?
  29. Yeah of course.