High-dose Vitamin C Or Niacinamide May Treat Advanced Colon Cancer


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
I posted a few studies recently on vitamin C and niacinamide as potential cancer treatments.
Linus Pauling May Have Been Vindicated - Vitamin C May Treat Cancer
Inhibiting Lipolysis May Treat / Cure Cancer

This new study corroborates these initial findings. Unfortunately, the study is worded in a way to discourage people from trying this themselves. Don't try this with oral doses it says, the therapeutic effects can only be achieved by IV administration (read: has to be done in a hospital). The cited concentrations are not that high, and are in the range of 100 uM/L - 1 mM/L. A single oral dose of 5g-6g niacinamide can achieve 1 mM/L concentration in humans. While this is a hefty dose it is not nearly as high as the study presents it to be and is by all means achievable orally.
I think @burtlancast and @Amazoniac will like this, they are both fans of vitamin C :):

Opposing effects of low versus high concentrations of water soluble vitamins/dietary ingredients Vitamin C and niacin on colon cancer stem cells (C... - PubMed - NCBI
"...Research team lead by Dr Bipasha Bose and Dr Sudheer Shenoy investigated the effects of high doses and low doses of the two vitamins and found that low doses (dose range 5-25 micromolar) of Vitamin C and B3 lead to high proliferation and aggressiveness of colon cancer stem cells thereby indicating a need to be cautious while prescribing low doses of these vitamins to colon cancer patients. However, high doses of the two vitamins (dose range 100 to 1000 micromolar) were successful in killing cancer stem cells. Such high doses of vitamins can only be achieved through intravenous injections in colon cancer patients."


Jan 1, 2013
However, high doses of the two vitamins (dose range 100 to 1000 micromolar) were successful in killing cancer stem cells. Such high doses of vitamins can only be achieved through intravenous injections in colon cancer patients."

I believe, according to Levy, that liposomial doses achieve equal, or even higher blood concentrations than IV.

And one can make his own liposomal Vit C with an ultrasonic cleaner.


May 17, 2016
Vitamin C is great. I am taking 8 grams/day and I'm not peeing nothing of it. Feeling great.


Sep 8, 2016
Linus Pauling died of prostate cancer. So vit C is obviously can’t cure that


Jun 25, 2017
I wonder if the iodine protocol (50mg+ Lugol's iodine/iodide, 200 mcg L-selenomethionine, 1/2 tsp celtic salt, 3-6g vitamin C, 400-600mg magnesium, and a good multivitamin) would have any effect, especially if liposomal vitamin C is used.


May 17, 2016
It seems like they used niacin in this study?


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