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Hi where do I begin??


Feb 23, 2013
Hi everyone,

My name is James an I live in the UK, I am a 25 year old male who has been ill for the best part of 10 years! I fell ill due to chronic stress and poor dieting. I have emailed Dr Peat who has advised me to diet and consider taking Pregnenolone and Thyroid supps to treat my suppressed thyroid. I have no experience of these supplements could anyone advise me on brands and dosages that are safe?

My main symptoms are insomnia, chronically tired, food intolerances, unable to gain weight, poor exercise tolerance.

Any responses are appreciated!



Oct 8, 2012
Welcome to the forum, James!

Before supplementing anything I would first correct the diet. Very vague baselines would be minimise pufa, adequate protein, adequate sugar, adequate salt. There's a lot to read up on regarding foods that will benefit you. Also begin monitoring your temperature orally and your pulse, I have seen blood pressure being mentioned as well but it seems temperature and pulses are the main two.

When you get to the stage of supplementing, use pregnenolone in 50mg doses with lots of sugar taken with it, Beyond A Century is a popular brand.

Thyroid in the form of cytomel also known as cynomel take small amounts 2-4mcg frequently, it is available online.

Dosages, times etc can all vary depending on the individual and their temperature, pulse etc.


Jan 1, 2013
Hi Jay,

Do you have amalgam fillings in your mouth ?
Are you cooking your own meals, or are you eating mostly processed foods ?


Mar 17, 2013
I am new, too, but have been reading Ray Peat's articles for a while. I'm much older than you are, but health problems are health problems. I had insomnia for several years and exercise intolerance and tired a lot as well as depression. My insomnia improved somewhat on low carb and then got bad again in a different way. Since I've been following many of the Peat guidelines for diet, my insomnia has pretty much cleared up. I have lots more energy, and also I'm much calmer. So, just saying I think you're on the right track. Some of the things I'm doing are: eating fruit and sugar instead of any starch at all, eating plenty of fruit with the protein I eat, the carrot salad, which I believe helps with mood, and coffee and tea. There are more things, but these are some of the main ones. Of course I'm steering clear of PUFAs. I have been making a list of the do and don'ts as I encounter them. There is so much to learn and understand.

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