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Hi there!


Jan 24, 2013
Sorry, I've been a bit rude, never introduced myself!!! Just went straight on to the progesterone post searching for answers, always searching!
Female, live in Spain, EU. Spent the last five or six years stuffing myself with cod liver oil, borage oil, primrose oil, linseed oil with cottage cheese (budwig)... etc,... for the sake of improving my eczema - following the recommendations of the derm who said the omega 3's would help... and following diferent sites recommending the "oils" for joint problems.
Have premature arthrosis -sore neck now and lower back- problems with cystic ovaries, bloating, edema, in the last four, five years I've suddenly developed cellulite in back of legs, top of arms, put on weight .... so after a check up with the gynecologist, another cyst and having him put me on a progesterone pill for the last ten days of my cycle to "help" get rid of the cyst, and also previous hormonal issues when I was in my teens... I got down to "investigating"... I can't remember at all where I came across information about the PUFFAS and the estrogen, but it rang a strong bell in my brain!!!
I stopped taking the oils above mentioned about four or five months ago, and went on to a lot of green smoothies, basically only greens, and some nuts,... because of my eczema I actually stopped taking milk except with my coffee a few years ago. Anyhow I've been experimenting, and to be honest I've looked here and there over the web and can't remember where I started to gather information about Ray Peat, amongst other information that I was storing in my mind boggling brain!!!
After the experiment with only greens, ending with pretty dry skin, no eczema improvement, mood or so, I started to introduce some Peat dietary recommendations. So now I've been about a month and a half with OJ -just about two glasses a day- introduced milk again -about two or three glasses a day-, eggs, potatoes, which I hadn't eaten for a looong time and funnily enough the steamed potatoes make me very warm afterwards, fruit for snacks, cheese, some liver once a week, tb. coconut oil daily, carrot daily, etc, etc.
I've inmediately added aspirin, vitamine E and ordered some Pregnenolone which I've been taking (50 mg.) for the last two weeks. Just started applying a progesterone cream on the back of my neck two nights ago for the arthrosis and ache.
The results for the moment in this short time are:
- Skin on the face seems to look quite improved, kind of thicker, nothing drastic, more like my own apreciation. The eczema is better, some has gone away, like the palm of my left hand has cured, but not the rest -I use cortisone cream on the eczema anyway so it may just be I've been more diligent with it. Skin on the body just as dry, I used to apply sesame oil or sweet almond oil on damp skin for moisturising but stopped that, not sure how much is actually absorved through skin that may cause internal damage.
- I do find I need to sleep more often, not more hours, but I get sleepy say after eating lunch and enjoy a short nap, and then at night the sleep seems to be more profound.... problem I find it difficult to get up.
- I seem to weight more according to the scales. Volume wise I seem to vary a lot from one day to the other, some days I'm really kind of swollen up, bloated, and then suddenly out of the blue the next day I seem to have shrinked!!! I'm really puzzled over this. One of my goals is to lose some weight/volume so not sure I'm liking this.
- Pain in neck and back just the same at this point.

Lots of questions about Ray Peats recommendations, specially about salt intake -I thought it caused bloating, water retention... ; water intake -I've been drilled with the drink water thing all my life!! About vitamine A and vitamine E, always believed you had to be veeeeery cautious to prevent it building up and causing liver damage... and oh well, many other questions.

Excuse my long post, all I really wanted to do was introduce myself!!! :oops:


Feb 2, 2013
I'm new here too, I hope peat's ideas work out for you.

Your problems remind me of a neighbor of mine as well as my older sister, seems like those estrogen / progestin pills might not be so great for the ladies? Sometimes I think We're in a kind of medical / scientific dark age in that respect...


Jan 27, 2013
Hi, I'm with you on the trying to get over 'drink lots of water', and fear about vit A.

Good luck with it all!