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Hi All,

  1. Hi All,
    I am very happy to have found this Forum. Thank you so much for having a place where we can all discuss these issues. I am 58 years old and have had adrenal challenges since I was a child. Of course I didn't know what the problem was until just about a year ago. From about 10 years old I thought I was stupid. As my awareness grew and I got older, around 40 years old, I realized I was not stupid but that there was something physically off. Unfortunately my children have these same issues. I finally realize that I have to work on helping myself and then hopefully with my good health I can help them. For years I tried helping them before myself and that just did not work.

    I have hypothyroid and adrenal stress and way too much estrogen. I haven't ever slept well. I am looking forward to learning more from all of you.


  2. Maryellen, :welcome

    A lot of us have found major improvement with sleep. It just takes some time to dial in but you are well on your way. If you have any specific questions let us know.

    See you around. :hattip
  3. Welcome Maryellen.

    This is definitely true of me, the biggest benefit I've gotten from Peat's techniques is better sleep.