Herpes Simplex: Red Light Therapy Potential Tool For Long-term Successful Treatment


Apr 5, 2016
I posted this in another thread about HSV2 but I figured it deserved its own thread because I think it is quite an interesting pair of studies

Low-intensity laser therapy is an effective treatment for recurrent herpes simplex infection. Results from a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study.
"In this study we evaluated the influence of low-intensity laser therapy (wavelength 690 nm, intensity: 80 mW per cm2, dose: 48 J per cm2) in 50 patients with recurrent perioral herpes simplex infection (at least once per month for more than 6 mo) in a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial design. Patients in the laser group received daily irradiations for 2 wk, whereas patients in the placebo group were sham-irradiated. "The median recurrence-free interval in the laser-treated group was 37.5 wk (range: 2-52 wk) and in the placebo group 3 wk (range: 1-20 wk)."

"In conclusion, we demonstrated that a total of 10 irradiations with low-intensity laser therapy significantly lowers the incidence of local recurrence of herpes simplex infection. Since this athermic phototherapeutic modality represents a safe, noninvasive treatment, it might be considered as an alternative to established therapeutic regimens in this indication."

This second example is a case study of two people who had frequent oral herpes issues who after 4-5 treatments with 660nm red light therapy for total of 30joules per session had no more outbreaks for 17 months after follow up.

Recurrent herpes simplex infections: laser therapy as a potential tool for long-term successful treatment

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