help with supplementation

Sep 1, 2012
hello, i am 22 years old and i suspect that I have a hypothyroid condition. my body temperature is consistently around 97 and I have cold feet almost 24/7 and have constipation...i have extreme fatigue and lot's of stress for no particular reason.....i also get anxiety and am looking for recommendations....the two supplements I have narrowed it down to are dessicated thyroid and pregnenolone....would these be beneficial for me? if so, can someone recommend a brand for the pregnenolone? thanks.


Sep 11, 2012
Hi there,

First things first! Have you got the way you eat sorted out first?

Have you experimented with your : Salt intake, Gelatin, Sugar?

A great way to work out what works best is to change one thing at a time.

Eat a certain way for a week for a base level (Equivalent to a scientific control group) , change one thing, maybe increase salt by an exact amount for a week and each day measure how you feel (Mood, libido, anxiety all out of 10), take your temps on rising, before and after eating (30-45 minutes afterwards) and before bed (Keep it all written down in a food/mood diary/symptoms diary).

At the end of the week look back and measure it against the first week. Improvement? Worse? Certain things improved others didn't?

Adjust accordingly to improve until your salt intake is right.

Next - Move onto the next ONE change, another week of the above (Sugar intake/fruit/Gelatin/milk/coffee/coconut oil/other peat friendly changes)

Rinse and re-peat (Pun intended).

After a few months you will:

1. Have become intimately aware what your own body needs in regards to nutrients and
2. Would no doubt have dramatically improved with most, if not all of your symptoms.

After you have built that connection with your own body you will then be in the best position to be able to judge whether you need to try supplementing with additional supplements.

Food is the best healer there is long term.

At 22 with the right food intake you should be able to sort yourself out - Never cut corners with your health (Going for the "Magic pill") as this is a long term approach to your health and long term you want to use food and as little else as possible. Food quite literally is medicine to the body and should be seen that way in regards to dosage/timing etc.

Test - Change - Retest - Adjust - Test - Change - Retest - Adjust: Rinse and repeat permanently in every aspect of your life.

Hope this helps!

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