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Help With Sucrose 1:1 Fruits,proteine Etc

  1. As I seem to keep having problems with higher free-fructose foods, I notice I do/feel mentally, as does my bowelmovement, my best with pure sucrose 1:1 sources such as rawcane sugar,maple syrup,palm sugar,lemon,overripe/total black banana(which Im stille experimenting with in regards to tryptophan/serotonin in avoidance of muscle meats).

    Today at the healthfood store they had fresh medjool dates for the customers to try and I also tried one....Holy hell,did they also give me instant energy!I'd eat the entire basket if I could! So,I was wondering if it could be that medjool dates have a 1:1 ratio too,does anyone know that?
    Is there actually anyone here who migth be dealing with the same and has a reliable list of possible fruits to complemet with?

    From what I understood dried raisins,dried cranberries,dried plums,(dried)figs should also have a 1:1 ratio? not sure about dried apricots.
    What I did see on the packages is that all dried fruits contain small amounts of fat and that they very much vary in fatty acid composition some of them having the most part in PUFA.
    Dates and the dried candied ginger were the only ones that contained no fat/PUFA whatsoever.......

    As for my proteine question:
    I also saw that most fruits as does coconut contain quite some proteine per 100gram so I wondered if&why it's still needed to eat it with a proteine source or gelatin? and if these proteines also count towards the total proteine count?

    Also does someone know,how many proteine is substituted for every TBSp of Gelatin?
  2. Im not quite sure what Peat thinks about dates, but I used to eat a lot of them too and felt good energy. I'd literally eat too many to where the fiber itself became an issue (too full, then a scouring feeling as it moved through digestion)...but I've never heard anything negative about them, and studies throughout the middle east / asia all point to good things

    Most fruit has about 0.9 to 2.5g protein per serving (oranges about 1.2 per orange), this would count towards your protein, but probably wouldn't be significant. Even if I drink 4 cups of OJ back to back, I still don't feel the same as if I include, for example, 1 piece of cheese.

    No experience with gelatin...so I can't offer much there, but I think based on Peat's philosophy of muscle meat protein profile being not optimum, and that being the reason to eat gelatin at the same time, I'd guess you should eat maybe about as much gelatin as you do muscle meat, not really needing much more or less otherwise

    Im wondering myself personally if theres some other reason why fruit in general gives me trouble besides its free fructose or fructose / glucose ratio. I know the sugar alcohols are a culprit with other fruits, and the little seeds, but oranges supposedly don't have any and I still have some of the same negative feelings if I have too much or too much at once. Adequate protein and salt have made a difference, but alleviated, I'd say, only about half the bad feeling . It could be something as simple as fruit freshness / quality, but I really don't know (Ive noticed people here that tend to juice fresh oranges seem to be fine with it, whereas those like me doing more bought juices don't fare as well all the time, there could be something to that as well)
  3. I'd also add that I've seen videos of how industrial juices are made...and the machines sort of aggressively juice the whole fruit in one motion, so I wouldn't be surprised it a lot of peel and seed residues make it into the juices, even the pulp free ones. (The pulp that gets spit out of the machines has hardly any recognizable whole seeds). You would likely avoid this if you ate the fruit fresh or juiced it more gently by hand or a less aggressive machine...I'm thinking this could be a factor. As with dates also, I was eating them whole with the fiber, so maybe that could have been a reason I never had the symptoms with them that I now get with excess fruit juices...(I'd get the a too full fiber feeling if I ate too many, but not the water retaining heaviness I get from the excess juices now)
  4. you can only find out by squeezing them yourself,if it srill gives pfoblems than its the orange thats a problem. i did see on a list orange is higher in free fructose.

    i didnt mean the gelatin over the meat,but the gelatin as pdoteine source in gummies,jello etc.per
  5. From the charts i've sen nearly every fruit is about a 1/1 ratio except apples and a couple others.
  6. Ive found a list and most of them are slightly a bit higher,however i think im gonna lay off it for a bit and try to use it more as a condiment,bc i find im not really craving much proteine/dairy nc of minerals&proteine in dates,banana ezc. and i dont want ro become a fruitarian.
  7. Sorry to bump this old thread, but what 1:1 ratio means?
    is it fructose:sucrose ratio?