Help with Devastating Iatrogenic condition - i need your knowledge


Aug 5, 2019
So, ill try to make it short.
Doctors caused me the most awful disease in the world. Its called "empty nose syndrome" when they burn/cut so much of your turbinates that your nose doesnt heat air and airflow is not laminar so you're left suffocating and in pain w every breath, imagine the cascade effects of it.

I manage it inserting every couple hours new cotton "implants" trying to mimick structure. I already had 3 cartilage implants which, at best, gave very mild improvements, so there's little to do surgically and every surgery gives scar tissue. which is not ideal as the issue here is not only volume but also lost nerves, blood vessels, etc.

so, issue is i always had as a kid systemic sky high prolactin/serotonin/histamine. this would cause ...of to have a perennial clogged nose. add the fact that i genetically have some circulation issues and the game is done...what would doctors do? fix the root cause? no every 2 years they'd burn my turbinates. until there was nothing left basically.

So now through a correct diet/lifestyle/supplements whilst my general health is improving this iatrogenic disease is actually worsening as my irritation/histamine levels drop nothing irritates/swells the remnants of my turbinates.

I would need therefore to actually try perhaps some topical substance that might, in time, regrow the nerves, regrow the lost volume? regrow the organ of the turbinates. consider i always have some little cut inside the nose due to dryness so i think absorption would be 1000%
To be noted:

Anything vasoconstricting makes me extremely sick (androsterone, dht)
Blood thinners (vit E, aspirin) make me sick (in the nose i mean)

Paradoxically, stuff like topical histamine or estrogen makes me feel well but we know the systemic damage of that.

Do i have any option?
I really need all of you guy's help, im seriously considering suicide.
Please let me know if you have any idea or know any brilliant doctor i should talk to

Thank you


New Member
Apr 4, 2021
I am so very sorry. I don’t have any good advice, just to hang in there for a little longer. It is amazing to me that you’ve been able to lower your histamines so much. I’m new to this forum and Ray Peat, and you give me hope for a couple of my kids struggling so much with health issues and allergies. It sounds like you have worked so hard to figure out how to get healthier, that you will also be able to find some help for your condition. Sending hope and prayers and positive vibes to you today.

Tim Lundeen

Feb 19, 2017
You could try L-Histidine at night to balance histamine levels. Check out the comments on amazon for bulksupplement's L-histidine.

Maybe methylene blue at night would help with regrowth, inflammation.


Jul 23, 2018
Have you considered humid, high flow air delivered by nasal canula directly into the nostrils? This may give more “stimulation” to the remaining nerves. It would dry the mucosa more, however.


Jul 23, 2018
Have you considered humid, high flow air delivered by nasal canula directly into the nostrils? This may give more “stimulation” to the remaining nerves. It would dry the mucosa more, however.
On second thought, i dont think this would work, since stimulation needs to be pulsed only to breating in


Jul 23, 2018
Maybe a capsaicin (TRPV1 agonsit) spray could help, since it irritates the mucosa, producing vasodilation and engorging the remaining mucosal tisssue


Oct 6, 2012
I'm terribly sorry that sounds horrible, the stupid crap doctors are allowed to do...

I just read that some people were trying to treat this with the Buteyko breathing method, have you tried that?
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