Help, What Is The Stability Of Pregnenolone In Liquid?

Feb 26, 2018
I just looked around but was not able to find anything helpful so I am asking here for help.

I have 100mg capsules of pregnanolone but I want to experiment with taking lower doses throughout the day. My idea was to break a capsule or two open and distribute in a gallon of orange juice or a gallon of water and then drink this throughout several days.

Ideally I want to store a solution like this just for a week and not have to worry about it losing potency. I cannot find any helpful info on the stability and half life etc in water and at different ph and different temperatures.

If you happen to have this data to share of can direct me somewhere that I can find this please let me know!

Thank you!


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Feb 26, 2018
I'm also open to other carriers than juice or water, e.g. alcohol or oil. What is the stability in the various mediums? e.g. If I were to add some pregnenolone powder from these caps in to olive oil, for how long will the potency remain stable at room temperature??


Nov 23, 2013
Hmmm, I'm not sure about at room temperature but I'd guess dissolving it in vitamin E as your solvent would help it remain potent for several months. You could then mix the dissolved pregnenolone/vitamin E with your oil of choice (coconut, olive oil, cocoa butter, mct). With MCT or olive oil you could probably use a dropper bottle.
I've been making vaginal suppositories with dhea, pregnenolone (pansterone) and progesterone in vitamin E which I mix in melted cocoa butter. The steroids are already dissolved for me though. I put this in small candy molds to harden and store them in the freezer. I don't see why this wouldn't work just as well for general topical or oral use.
Just some thoughts...


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Feb 26, 2018
Thanks blossom. Vitamin E does make sense to me too since it would likely act as a preservative. I was hoping to hear of some other soluble mediums aside from oil, it would be nice if there was a simple method to get it to dissolve with water + alcohol or some vinegar for instance. I'd like to ideally have it all premixed and ready to drink over the course of a few days (in a jug in the fridge), rather than have to remember to keep squeezing out tincture drops 5 times a day.
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