Help interpreting Cortisol AM/PM test, and 24 hours urine cortisol test


Mar 18, 2016
I tested cortisol levels to troubleshoot low testosterone issues.

My AM/PM tests are in range, but I wonder if they are still too high?

My AM cortisol (8AM) was 15.0 ug/dL - range is 6.2-19.4

My PM cortisol (3:05PM) was 7.7 ug/dL - range is 2.3-11.9.

The 24 hours urine cortisol test is above the range. The upper limit is 40 micrograms per 24 hours of urine, and my result was 50 mcg. I produced a lot of urine that day, which is another issue. 50 micrograms of cortisol in almost 3L of urine.

It was good to see that the pattern in the blood makes sense, and that the numbers are in range. However, the high urine result makes me think that the blood results are too high even if in range?

Thank you!
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