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Help, High cholesterol and triglycerides


May 11, 2020
Hi guys, i have recently done blood work and it turned out with:

total cholesterol = 279 mg/dl
HDL = 34 mg/dl
Trig = 311 mg/dl
Magnesium = 1.80 mg/dl
Total Ca = 9.90 mg/dl
Vitamin D = 92 nmol/L

Im 24yo male, my diet is peaty low pufa, high carbs and protein, high fruits.

Last year i had tested thyroid wich resulted in high tsh. I'm currently (from 3 months) taking:
5 drops tyromix in the morning
5 drops calcirol(Vit d) and 4 drops kuinone(mk4) morning and evening
500mg taurine
1 drop cypro before bed
sometimes stressnon(p5) and cortinon(p4+dhea)

I will start using coconut oil.

So in your opinion why i have high cholesterol and trig?
Is it possible that im taking too much p4 and p5? so that my body does not convert the cholesterol into them?
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Oct 27, 2020
This isn’t that helpful. Low cholesterol is obviously terrible for you but so is high cholesterol.

hi @stsfut I have the same issue high trigs and cholesterol I seen others on the forum having the issue as well. I think it’s time someone actually addressed this issue. I’m staying tuned here hopefully for more replies and some sound advice.

ddjd posted the same link on my thread as well. It’s not exactly helpful ddjd. We shouldn’t just ignore our prognosis, high anything for extended period of times can lead to health ramifications


Jun 15, 2020
if you just want to tank your cholesterol taurine is the way to go... not sure how much it increases it's conversion into hormones


Thread starter
May 11, 2020
if you just want to tank your cholesterol taurine is the way to go... not sure how much it increases it's conversion into hormones
Im taking 500mg a day for 6 months now, i don't think is doing something. I should increase the dosage?
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