Oct 29, 2012
Hi all.

Enjoying Peat because I think its made my body more responsive to its food, and the food is good. Have to be clear though I do cheat a little occasionally and sometimes i don't feel all that guilty about it :D

I copied the questions from Charlie's intro.

What's your age? - 38

How did you find the forum? Googlised stuff around Ray's work.

How did you find Ray Peat's work? First referenced it on his writing with regards to coconut oil, and that was through referencing his thoughts on diabetes while doing some research into my father-in-laws health problems.

How long have you been Peating? Two months.

What is your favorite part about Peating? Making my brain malfunction when my body makes me buy Haribo's (german) Gummy Bears. And the fruit. And oysters.

What is the worst part? Truly, the only think I sometimes miss the feeling of eating something crunchy like crisps or toast - not even the taste so much, just the crunchiness.

What are your health issues? Some stubborn belly fat that is really disappearing thanks to Peating, very occasional IBS but its been quiet the last while, but the only thing I would change is that I have to take half an anti-histamine every two days due to getting skin hives if I don't - it came on suddenly 18 months ago; an allergy test pointed to dust mites but I am not so sure (ie the hives are regular like clockwork even in non dusty environments, and I once had an "anaphylactic" type attack simply by going swimming in the sea which I can't equate to dust mites).


Oct 16, 2012
Welcome to the forum, boombalada.

It's great to hear about your progress with your weight and IBS.

I am curious about what's causing your hives...


Thread starter
Oct 29, 2012
Thanks Ray-Z :)

Me too (the hives). Will start with some more comprehensive allergy tests and go from there.
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