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  1. thehobbit

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Hi everyone!

    I'm a female, 36 yo

    I've been reading Peat and trying to incorporate some of his advice for about a year.
    I was curious about Peat ever since Matt Stone wrote about him in 2011(I think it was)

    Best thing with Peating is that it's about me and how I react to stuff, not what others dictate.
    If something considered Peaty doesn't work for ME then I just quit it and try something else.
    Progest-e is really super! Can't believe it took so long for me to find something like that cause I've been skeptical
    about estrogen for a very long time.

    Worst part is that you get really picky about food quality :mrgreen:

    I've had symptoms of hypo-thyroid for a very long time.
    Strange thing is I recently got a diagnosis for HYPERthyroid. My hormones where very high, TSH super low.
    I got some thyroid blocking meds and now I've also got a prescription for T4 (levo-thyroxin).
    The only symptoms I got was high pulse and high blood pressure. (temps still low like always for me)
    My blood pressure is now fine and pulse is a bit high (78-105)
    Even the endocrinologist was concerned and surprised I didn't feel anything bad from my high numbers.
    I feel like I always had but with a bit higher pulse...

    Doc said I should really feel the thyroid blocking meds, they should make everything better (?)
    and I probably would gain weight now ( I'm maybe 10-15 kg overwight ) but she was surprised I hadn't lost ANY weight before.

    So I'm a mystery to my doc but thankfully I don't feel bad from my meds.
    I hope my numbers will be fine soon so I'm left alone ;)
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    Jan 22, 2013
    Welcome, thehobbit.

    That does sound strange about your labwork, do you happen to have the actual values that you can post?
  3. charlie

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    Jan 4, 2012
    Thehobbit, :welcome
  4. OP

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Thanks for the welcoming!

    I don't have the latest test results but the first ones where:

    Free T4: 43 (lab range 10-19)
    Free T3: 17 ( lab range 2,6-5,7)
    TSH: <0,01

    The later test showed a decrease in T4 and T3 but I don't have the numbers. They where still high.

    My temp is around 36,0 - 36,3 and pulse is high 90-105 but has decreased lately to 75-90. I'm not sure it's
    because of my meds or the fact that I'm on vacation now.
  5. Mittir

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    Feb 20, 2013
    Hypothyroid people often have a short hyperthyroid phase.
    Here is a Q and A from RP
    "Mary Shomon: What are your thoughts for Graves' disease/hyperthyroidism patients? Should they move ahead quickly to get radioactive iodine treatment, or are there natural things they might be able to try to temporarily - or even permanently - get a remission?

    Dr. Ray Peat: Occasionally, a person with a goiter will temporarily become hyperthyroid as the gland releases its colloid stores in a corrective process. Some people enjoy the period of moderate hyperthyroidism, but if they find it uncomfortable or inconvenient, they can usually control it just by eating plenty of liver, and maybe some cole slaw or raw cabbage juice. Propranolol will slow a rapid heart. The effects of a thyroid inhibitor, PTU, propylthiouracil, have been compared to those of thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine. The results of the chemical treatment are better for the patient, but not nearly so profitable for the physician.

    Besides a few people who were experiencing the unloading of a goiter, and one man from the mountains of Mexico who became hypermetabolic when he moved to Japan (probably from the sudden increase of iodine in his diet, and maybe from a smaller amount of meat in his diet), all of the people I have seen in recent decades who were called "hyperthyroid" were not. None of the people I have talked to after they had radioiodine treatment were properly studied to determine the nature of their condition. Radioiodine is a foolish medical toy, as far as I can see, and is never a proper treatment. "