Hello,my First Post With Some Experiences And Questions


Apr 8, 2020
Hello everyone :D

I've been watching this forum for a while now and I've learned a lot.
why i come here is that i always have cold and tired and because my doctor doesnt want/now how to solve this problem I started my own search .

First i have learnt to focus on my body how it reacts to food.
I have tested myself on different kinds of foods.
I have tested independently rice, potatoes, protein and fats sources and the result was that all these making me very tired and depressed. Blue sky getting dark and al my thoughts got negative.:bigtears::shifty:

Fruit and fruit juice gives energy and happiness:smuggrin:, but one big downside its not satisfies my hunger and must eat every hour or so. :thumbdown: (the usual problem for lot of people here)

I can solves this with eating protein or fat but then I am all tired and depressed again.. so not sure how to solve this problem.
its funny, always when i have all the energy in the world and happy then I'm always very hungry
and when i not hungry i am depressed and tired.

what i also noticed is when i eat fat in the morning it ruined my whole day.
i cant recover anymore from it with fruit meals hours later.
Sometimes when i eat fruit couple ours after fats i got high Adrenalin rughes like i have taked caffeine.
But when i start the day with fruits than there is no problem.
looks like fats and fruit/sugar/carbs together is conflicting somehow...
(I wondering what @CLASH thinks about this)
What i am doing now is eating fruit in the morning to afternoon and eat most of the protein (200 grams) and fats in the evening before sleep.
These keeps me out of problems like eating insufficient protein/fats
i have read that Ray peat says: "Higher fat can be eaten in the evening" and " resting muscle preferred fat as fuel in the evening/night when they are not active"
And @Hans showed a study that most protein at night increase muscle recovery/hypertrophy (or something like that)
So i guess i'm on the right track but this doesn't solve my hunger issues in the morning/midday.

Anyways i have also some other questions I can't find really a clear answer here:
Question 1
There is a 30 day low fat diet topic to get rid of pufa’s.
I have tried this but I don't think its working.
First: where my main sugar source are appels (12-15 a day) apple juice and applesauce but my hunger was never satisfied. this why i eat apples, because its high fructose and have lowest gi.

So what I have read here is that when someone always got hunger, there metabolism is always slow.

Is this right?

I can still my appetite with protein or fats buts like I said its makes me tired/sleepy and depressed.

So maybe this hunger feelings are a good thing? That they are saying everything works optimized and more of this food?

i also didn't lose any weight.

Question 2:
I have tried to use caffeine supplement (200-400mg) hoping that this cranking my energy/metabolic rate up.

@haidut says that when you have negative adrenaline symptoms from caffeine than you liver is fuckt up.

“Continue caffeine for 2 weeks and you liver is mostly recovered”

Well what I notice in the beginning was that Caffeine cause high adrenalin/stress feeling but also i dehydrate very quickly and had a lots of joint pain.

Even 30+ grams sugar with it (which was recommended at every 200mg caffeine) didn't help much.

But then I notice that when I drink a lot of water (I know its not peaty) with it stress and joint pain are 95% gone.

Now I am not sure what to think about my liver. I can handle caffeine when I drink loads of water.

So my liver is good?

But I also notice that my appetite has decrease my appetite, which is good for me, I was going crazy with al the cravings. But then I was reading this: “Caffeine will actually induce hunger, not suppress it. if caffeine is suppressing your appetite it is certainly increasing stress more than reducing it. Caffeine increasing appetite is an indicator that it is being used correctly.”

So I am not sure any-more if keep going taking caffeine its a good or bad thing.

Question 3:
I never notice any temp chance of feeling warmer from al the fructose and fruit.

After 30 day’s still nothing.

I dont think going on with this is very good, if metabolism is low and you stress it all the time and get hunger feelings, than long term make things worse I guess?

I have read that more people have these problem and switching from fruit/sugar to starch or fats and have better results.

But for me its makes things worse.

I wondering why this is.

Question 4:
I have hard time understanding how starch, intestine’s, endotoxin and serotonin works.

I think its something like this: when we eat starch, we get nice insulin spike and FFAs and stress hormones go down, but by the next morning the starch have passed small intestine and large intestine and generating alot of endotoxin in both, the endotoxin makes serotonin that makes us depressed?

And whats happened when we eat fruit or juice? They don't reach the intestines so amount endotoxin decreases? (I need a short movie to understand this)

i have also some other small questions where i don't find a (clear) answer here.

A: is farting ALWAYS a sign of to much bad endotoxins in the stomach?

B: is bloating ALWAYS a sign of to much bad endotoxins in the stomach?

C: I read sometimes that dairy have hormones that can conflict fatloss.

Are these hormones only in high fat dairy or also in high protein low carb/fat dairy like quark and cottage cheese?

D: How do you know when you PUFA depleted? go’s PUFA depleted and low body fat hand in hand?

E: does dietary fat lowers metabolism?
Because everyone here talk about increase metabolism on low/none fat diet and maybe this the reason why i always got tired from fats

F: how to use baking soda and calcium together without getting milk-alkali?

So thats all for now i think. :feedback :thankyou
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Apr 14, 2013
I don't have all the answers but I can tell you a few things... Apples are high in fermentable pectin so could be contributing to gas/bloating (maybe stick to applesauce), balanced meals (about 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat) would probably help your issues, make sure every meal and snack are macro nutrient balanced.

Also, are you eating enough calcium and total protein?

Please be patient, a month isn't that much time to heal.


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Apr 8, 2020
I don't have all the answers but I can tell you a few things... Apples are high in fermentable pectin so could be contributing to gas/bloating (maybe stick to applesauce)
oh i always thought is the fiber that causing bloat.
yes applesauce and juice is less bloating troubles.


Aug 7, 2014
If apples are giving you a desired blood sugar, and fat and starch can do the opposite, and you have to eat non stop, this could be a sign the body is fulfilling a desire based upon a need.

If you have to eat often but feel better, this could be apart of the healing process. I went through something similar.

When it comes to appetite, I found that niacinamide would decrease appetite and metabolism would stay higher on less food.

25mg per dose is what I’ve used at times.
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