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Hello loves


May 16, 2013
What's your age?

How did you find the forum?
Late night forays into alternative nutrition. Been lurking for a while, soaking it up. You seem like a wonderful crowd. :)

How did you find Ray Peat's work?
It found me. :D And see above!

How long have you been Peating?
A few months, properly. Mostly eating orange juice, fruit, coffee, sugar, salt, coconut oil, potatoes, carrot salad, cottage cheese, nettle tea, soda, 'rice pasta', a coconut 'milk' drink (cont. coconut milk, sucrose salt and calcium phosphate), bit of ice cream, bit of cows milk, some gelatine. I still can't match the relaxed feeling I get from starch, so at least one meal is based on a starch/saturated fat combo.

What is your favorite part about Peating?
Its capacity to render me totally humble. After a few years of declaring this or that to be true, or professing to myself that I was right despite my body completely malfunctioning, I have been catapulted into a dumbfounded state of awe, where I am constantly surprised at the simple gradiosity of what Peat has to offer. Even if I am not totally better physically, it has been quite beautiful to watch such an evolution unfold in my thinking. After being jaded by a feeling that nutrition had 'failed' me, I am falling back in love with the poetics of the scientific approach.

What is the worst part?
My attachment to not eating meat and milk. Was vegan for 10 years, and it was wrapped up in an addiction to control, restriction, escapism and so on. I still can't bear the burden of it. I was raised vegetarian, so meat is totally out. I literally can't. I am drinking a little milk in coffee, and eating cheese, but can't bring myself to neck quarts of it. I guess it feels so visceral. I can eat a little gelatine, and remind myself that I need to heal before I can be of service. Nonetheless, a diet based on coconut, fruit, coffee, sugar, potatoes etc, feels so right, it is almost unreal.

What are your health issues?

A few years ago, I developed really itchy skin, eye floaters, and chronic sleep issues that left me sleepy, emotional, wired but tired. I had for years over-exercised, rode the catecholamine highs of not eating and sought endorphin rushes. At one stage, I ended up in hospital with severe hypokalemia. I thought my days were up, at an old 22. I went raw vegan, ate lightly, and watched my metabolism slowly peeter out. I had moments of complete clarity, and moments of dire hopelessness. I sought answers, from supplements, potions, odd diagnoses and futile doctor visits that merely suggested anxiety. I ended up dizzy with decisions - never knowing what to eat and what not to eat. So I said sod it, ate a bit more freely, gained a bit of weight and felt better. A bit of Matt Stone's body-love inspiration helped. Body image issues swung me back to old habits, and so I yoyo-ed a bit. My health issues are still here, but they too have evolved. Itching has mostly subsided, sleep is better but variable. Have a job where I am standing alot and get home crippled with aching and cramping legs. Get a horrid feeling of fullness, like constipation combined with pressure behind my eyes, a headache, thirst and aching. Salt and sugar helping, but going to focus on other factors like calcium, pregnenolone and thyroid. I have a hunch that my thyroid is finally a bit pooped. Been off birth control two months, albeit was only on it for 5 months. When my schedule frees up, I am going to get to the docs and see if they can shed light on it and find out where my numbers are at. All in all, I know how to manage it a bit better. On some days I feel 75% better. But then I sink and it seems futile. But hell, still only just a peating baby.

What other questions should we ask?.......

Dan W

Jan 22, 2013
Welcome, Stilgar!

I definitely agree with you, I've noticed the general spirit of inquiry in the Peat-related world has really re-ignited my curiosity.

Your issues with milk are slightly different than mine (I just never liked the taste), but you may find it grows on you, as I did. Especially with a little cocoa, sugar, or molasses :)


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Stilgar, welcome to the forum! :Welcome

Thank you for sharing your story!

I have the itching thing off and on and have always wondered what it is. I just chalked it off to allergies. Have had my liver tested and everything checks out there. Itching can really drive you crazy sometimes though. :?

It's great that you are posting now! See you around. :wave:


Jul 26, 2012
Los Angeles
If I over exercise without enough food, especially skateboarding, I get itchy all over my body. I believe its a histamine response


Thread starter
May 16, 2013
Itching can indeed drive you mad! Especially since it was mostly itching I couldn't scratch! It is a crawling, bugs under your skin kind of feeling.

I have had more milk the last few days, had lots of salt, and it seems to be improving considerably. It has always gone hand in hand with a general disregulation feeling...like if I'm itchy, then I probably have a headache, probably have slept/will sleep badly, puffy and dry skin, bad mood etc etc. I started to accuse the thyroid, since it was often worse at night, reckoning low T3, plus it paralled with so many other problems of a low metabolism.

The histamine thing could be right. I had a big improvement when I started strong anti-histamines, but then it never really stopped it if the attack was bad enough. They did something, though, but peating did something better.

Thank you for your welcomes!

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