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    Mar 27, 2014
    Hello all of you guys.
    I thought it would be good to introduce myself, been reading this forum for a while, and the writings of Ray Peat. It's very intresting, so many things that are spot on, backed up with scientific evidence, so many things about the hormones makes more sense to me now. It seems standard here is much higher than other forums that i followed the past year such as those paleo-inspired forums, i never felt quite right on those diets. I think i can learn alot here from you guys :) I am not a native speaker of english so please apologize my grammatics and such ;)

    What's your age?

    How did you find the forum?
    Through google and various primal/paleo forums.

    How did you find Ray Peat's work?
    Same as above. Ray Peat just makes so much sense to me.

    How long have you been Peating?
    I haven't really been peating, but in times of stress i have been unintentionally following a few things of this diet, which would mean decreased amount vegetables and, increased easy accessible juice and coffee(sugar, milk) etc. This always made me feel good.

    What are your health issues?
    I abused, not used, AAS in the past which probably ****88 up my hormone balance quite a bit. I feel fine physically but not mentally. I just want to optimize my hormone balance so i can enjoy optimal health, like before AAS-use :)

    What does your diet consist of? If you post a detailed outline of your diet members can take a look at it and maybe see things that can help optimize it.
    My diet is maybe more close to those paleo diet, but i feel it is not optimal anymore, i just feel i miss something. However, my diet it consist mainly of beef, root vegetables, such as parnips, i really love the sweet taste. Cabbage, onions, carrots, i do not like the taste of those. I drink regular store bought milk, it is low pasteurized. Pretty simple diet,i think.
    I do not eat regular potato anymore because i experience some sort of dull hip pain and general pain everywhere everytime i eat too many, i guess i am not adapted to eat nightshades, i seem to be allergic to tomato. Sometimes i eat sweet potatoes, but they are expensive here, imported. I think i get too much beta-carotene in my diet probably, which i before always thought was beneficial in mass amounts. I understand that i should maybe lessen my vegetables amount instead, i never really enjoyed vegetables, except for the root ones. I more or less never ate fruit in my life. I do not know what my avarage calorie intake is, probably 2500-3000. I use supplement cod liver oil, but after reading alot here i guess it would be wiser to use regular vitamin A and D supplement?
    I would really appreciate if some of you guys have time to give me feedback on my diet. It seems you possess alot of knowledge, above my level :)
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    Feb 20, 2013
    Welcome to the forum

    Beef is high in tryptophan, you need to add some gelatine to balance that amino
    acid profile. All muscle meat are high in phosphorus, adding some calcium supplement
    ( egg shell powder, oyster shell powder, calcium carbonate supplement) is helpful.
    Excess phosphorus can cause phosphorus poisoning. It is good to have calcium intake
    equal or less than phosphorus. It is a big part of RP's recommendation.
    You can use cronoromter.com to track your calcium: phosphorus intake.
    Beef is high in iron and drinking coffee with beef lowers iron absorption.
    You also want some weekly seafood (especially shellfish) for selenium, copper and iodine.
    Weekly liver of 4-6 oz provides tons of necessary nutrients.
    RP thinks sweet ripe fruits are the best source of carbohydrate.
    If good quality fruits are not available then you can try other source of sugar ( fructose,galactose).
    Cheese is a good source of protein and calcium. You can also experiment with home-made
    farmer's cheese. You can track your pulse and temperature 1-2 hours after breakfast to
    get an idea about your metabolism. Here is a link to general dietary guidelines
    Edit: Farmer's cheese is low in calcium. It is mostly protein with some vitamins and minerals.
    Strained yogurt is similar to farmer's cheese .
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    I think you meant equal or more.
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    Hejsan! Välkommen till forumet.