Heating Season, Dust Mites, Etc


Oct 4, 2020
My health worsened considerably last year around October. Actually that's when I started following Ray Peat and this forum more seriously and managed to improve - not to pre-October 2019 levels, but I was on a good trajectory.

I haven't changed much in terms of my diet/supplements but again I've started to see the same troubling symptoms at exactly the same time! I thought that last year my main trigger was a period of stress at work, but perhaps the main culprit was something else - I do not have a specific source of psychological stress this time.

I've started feeling markedly worse almost as soon as heating started in my building. My main symptoms are bad digestion, constant IBD symtoms, worse breathing, waking after 2 hours of sleep.

I feel better whenever I'm outside and I'm trying to have windows opened as much as possible, but with the weather getting colder that could become difficult. I suspect dust mites or other harmful particles which are propelled higher by the warm air currents, and that I am somehow allergic to?

Unfortunately supplements which have helped me during spring/summer - Peat favourites like B3, B1, aspirin, taurine, K2, E, and a host of Idealabs supplements do not seem to help much for these 'allergic' symptoms. Perhaps vitamin D is helpful but I would have to confirm by taking it more consistently.
I'm wondering about increasing calcium and/or taking quercetin. I do have an air purifier which I turn on for the night. Would you have any other recommendations?


Dec 8, 2016
First thing that came to mind is using a red light.

Search Ray Peat and red light- on this forum and on YouTube.