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Heart surgeon speaks out against PUFA

  1. http://www.tunedbody.com/heart-surgeon- ... t-illness/

    So... a little misleading cause he also speaks out against refined carbs. Which brings me to question whether refined sugar is really something to be used in any sort of quantity. Can anyone share why the below statement is not accurate?

  2. It's probably just an assumption he never bothered to check.

    People on the forum who measured their blood sugar mentioned it's more stable when they consume simple sugars than when they consume starch.
  3. I read more and it seems like eating the way this heart surgeon recommends would end up being low carb by default. It's great that he speaks out against PUFA but like with so many these days he villifies sugar. Sugar should be used in context to each individuals need of course but to catagorize it with PUFA seems completely false. It's sad that people will read his work and believe it because of his status in our culture as an authority figure when he only got it maybe half right if you believe in a Peat inspired approach. Sugar is an excellent tool for metabolic repair but it needs to be combined with minimizing PUFA for the full effect.