Heart Rate And Temperature Raise After A Meal? Good?


Nov 10, 2014
Is it correct that according to Ray if your heart rate and temperature rise after eating then this indicates a food is good for you?

I get a slight rapid heartbeat and good rise in temperature from certain brands of pasta. I always thought that the rapid heartbeat meant it was an allergy but not sure now. I had been off gluten for over 14 years and then it started to be tolerated ok, first I was doing sourdough then switched to sans yeast.


Aug 24, 2013
No. Not at all. Some foods increase this while causing cellular damage, especially in the presence of polyunsaturated fats, whereas some protect against damage. Grain starches, such as what pasta is made of, is one of the worst offenders, and is also estrogenic and would increase levels of serotonin in the body after consumption.

I am also alergic to gluten and I have to confess to having a slice of pizza or a doughnut once a month, but as a rule it is not good for you at all. Fruits and dairy increase temps and pulse in a good way, and potatoes are great as well.
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