Healing Dental Cavaties


Aug 22, 2013
I went to the dentist this morning for an appointment I made three weeks ago to have two cavities filled. My dentist looked in my mouth and was confused, as he could not find the cavities. After searching some more and reviewing my chart, he came to the conclusion my chart got screwed up on my last visit. While this may be the case, it did make me wonder if the massive amount of milk I've been drinking is already remineralizing my teeth. My dentist doubted that would be possible in a three week period, but who knows. Anyone have good results healing dental problems with the Peat diet?


Jun 12, 2013
My gums look healthier. My teeth look whiter. I'll find out more in a few weeks when I go in for a cleaning.

Congrats on no cavities.


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Aug 22, 2013
Peata said:
My gums look healthier. My teeth look whiter. I'll find out more in a few weeks when I go in for a cleaning.

That's great! Keep us posted.
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